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02/20/17Serious Streak Survivor Strategiessmoothd2013640
02/20/17Brady's legacy is still tarnished b...Titan2138
02/20/171st half, 2nd half OVER UNDER theor...GIANFRANCO11146613
02/20/17Moving to Vegas to become a full ti...collegegambler14293
02/20/17Royals Flynn sidelined by broken ri...KeyElement10
02/16/17We BackSports_Mole33
02/09/17Sac's Thursday NCAA Hoopsundermysac43
02/08/171 game left tonightdonkey_dealer0830
02/08/17Sac's Tuesday NCAA Hoopsundermysac20
02/07/172nd hf playsbeware47
02/07/17Sac's Monday NCAA Hoopsundermysac22
02/07/17undermysac - this is PatheticKeyElement19
02/06/17Louisville @ Virginia - Inside InfoPapaShango33
02/06/17Seriously was there ever any doubt ...ActionMagnet4
02/03/17Has anyone made any money betting o...SportsMavin12733
02/02/17Sac's Wednesday NCAA Hoopsundermysac38
01/31/17Perception vs. Reality: Ignore the ...JFen3191
01/29/17'pre' 2017ryno23100
01/18/17TORONTOOO ? JimmyHendricks15
01/17/17Why on earth would people bet on...NoFunLeague14
01/17/17Chung Hot NBA marther luther king d...chungnuoc18
01/05/172nd hf playsbeware70
01/04/171/4/17 playsbackdooor_cover5
01/01/17What do you want? Another ...scalabrine315
12/29/16College Foots Bowl Games Part 2mbiddy30
12/28/16Trump Effect______P______18
12/28/16bashing when i hit, bashing when i ...wageringone3
12/27/162016 Happy Holidays to allLippsman21
12/25/16Guys, I just slammed Dubs -4 HUUUGE...Mancity31
12/25/16S.Miss +3JEG531
12/24/16(7-2) Bowl Record! Chung Hot bowl t...chungnuoc57
12/23/16Make 1k today if you follow these b...NuuN7
12/23/16***Thursday NCAAB***rush17
12/22/16Syracuse play11
12/22/16NCAA Wednesday and Poinsettia Bowl ...VegasVandal13
12/20/16I have some important information a...GaryTheGambler39
12/19/16Tulsa/CMU spread pickVegasVandal8
12/15/16NBA 12/14/16KeyElement13
12/14/16NBA 12/13/16KeyElement12
12/12/16CBB ON SUNDAYwgomel2120
12/10/16Thursday Hoopsnropp1121
12/08/16First time posting! My record will ...27
12/07/16What Indians Starting Pitcher Whoul...cjm200814
11/24/16Tar Heelsbackdooor_cover19
11/23/162nd half lbsu/washLuca_Brasi18
11/15/16Pace of play Wisc GB @ Pacific...Eddy_Winslow15
11/15/16Wisconsin vs Pacific tigersFD3038
11/14/16Hillary will win20
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