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01/16/17monday actionr-u-real2
01/16/17Two for MondayWarlord8
01/16/17Perception vs. Reality: Ignore the ...JFen3188
01/16/17Everyone is on Clemson, TH...Guitarplayerguy85
01/15/17Who is Brandon Lang Playing today Gavinnick20
01/15/17How bout them COWBOYS!!superbeets19
01/14/17What's everyones deal with Joe Buck...Carpinteria32
01/12/17What is up with E. Washington linechaka17
01/11/17Richmond Line.RGBRGB6
01/10/17Now this should be enough to scare ...jrgumpert20
01/10/17CFB Platinum Bowl Season (60% YTD)Tyler2834519
01/09/17 BOWL GUIDE 2016-17bookieassassin343
01/09/17OT - Sonny Dykes fired from Cal aft...RexR15
01/09/17Who is Lang on?easymoney847414
01/09/17Cal @ USC My 2 centsTheSquare9
01/07/17NCAA BB Jan 6 (20-7)FrogFan16
01/07/17***Monday Bowls***rush31
01/07/17 CBB FRIDAY 1...capskip8
01/06/17Friday's plays....kalamus2022
01/06/17Thursday CBB PlaysIn2it17
01/06/17Posting my plays early - lines will...jajknight35
01/05/17PhillySports7 (1-0) Thursday play6
01/03/17Reverse movement137
01/03/17anyone tail nropps 10*EazyFBaby10
01/02/17 Wisconsin-----Wester M. SOSGoldjaBoy18
01/02/17LET'S GO BOWLINGFoolishGame29
01/01/172016-2017 NCAA Hoopspederson162216
01/01/17All 3 QBs for Dallas will play-----...Chauster8
01/01/17one a day. maybe more. 42-31. Satur...BiPolarBear6
12/31/16Finally, Meaningful Bowl GamesGarySanders5
12/30/16Wednesday Dec 21 Basketsbetallwinners17
12/29/16best bet from the best baby dilaudid886
12/29/16DOUBLE DIAMOND PLAY SPECIA...Tyler283440
12/28/162nd winner for todaywageringone5
12/28/161st play of todaywageringone3
12/28/16Today's Plays....kalamus208
12/28/16Do not bet ANY favorites on Tuesday...motowner32
12/28/16Pitt/Northwestern alopez1432520
12/27/16one a day merry xmass. 39-30 ytdBiPolarBear8
12/27/16PLAY OF THE WEEK: DET-DALLFoolishGame18
12/26/16record 31-19 det/dallasKen115
12/26/16(11-5) bowl record! Chung hot monda...chungnuoc28
12/26/16Romo —> RaidersPendo18
12/25/16Another Xmas Gift 2Th3_Master18
12/25/16How come one of you are saying happ...bpickin16
12/25/16Xmas hoops. Sure winsureachiteach16
12/25/16SO you dont forget this when teams ...bigamoose5
12/25/16The Shady NFL - Week 16StatMan6810
12/24/16all in pats-16.5ckattar86
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