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12/08/162016-2017 NCAA Hoopspederson161681
12/08/16All you need to know for Thursday N...TheFootball7732
12/08/16Panthers are falling apart...newton...19
12/08/16 BOWL GUIDE 2016-17bookieassassin81
12/08/16NFL this week Baltimore ML GOYWinston70417
12/06/16Looking for a place to playBarleyAndHops11
12/06/16Monday, Dec. 5 PicsJROCK196617
12/06/16WEEK 13suuma161
12/05/16Wolf's MNF pick....take a look.wolfhunter14
12/05/16This will be my only thread from he...outlawgolfer6141
12/05/16GO BIG OR GO HOME!!!!!!!!!...cv2127
12/05/16Final picks this weekMaxMoneyMaker14
12/05/16 Quinnipiac - 1d1coach10
12/04/16GIANTS @ BROWNS: It's back...scalabrine285
12/04/16Is Del Rio retarded?casheasy13
12/04/16one a day. Yes only 1 today. day 9BiPolarBear8
12/04/164-1 today.. Hoath's NFL winners...217
12/04/16PLAY OF THE WEEK FoolishGame9
12/03/16One thread onlyWOLFofBELFORT11
12/03/16bama vs gators? 24 points?SiuLungBao5
12/02/16Why Dallas is only -3?19
12/02/16I'm an idiot don't do math in middl...outlawgolfer624
12/01/16Tip from bookie here in los angeles...Dubfire47
12/01/1633-17-1 on solo plays this week tha...outlawgolfer67
12/01/16Lions = OVERRATED Nycgags30
12/01/16New herePatrickStar8
12/01/16NOTE: No Zimmer, No TurnerMACKY11
12/01/16Miss St line continuing to dropmotowner3
11/30/16Rutgers vs Miamiseanyru447
11/29/16Tuesday Pho-2015
11/29/16You want to parlay thisHabsHater8815
11/29/16Number 1 picks todaysunnny12
11/29/16Ogeron in at LSU- LSU drops the bal...blowoutgm36
11/26/16PURDUE @ INDIANA: ONE.LAST...scalabrine158
11/26/16LOCK 3
11/26/16Season Total 35-13-2 +45....oahu_grown68
11/25/16wmi799 Friday Playswmi7995
11/25/16Ward.....and Nc St coaches....kalamus205
11/25/16Remind To never bEt oN MIA...Bandit073
11/25/16MIAMI 🏀💪9
11/24/16GAME IS BORING AS FKmrcoo16811
11/24/16BRANDON LANG IS ON THE RED...RickyRossi529
11/24/16FKN DALL CANT NOT MOVE BAL...mrcoo16813
11/24/16wichita state to the bank!Carll9
11/24/16My Top Wednesday plays......kalamus2059
11/22/16So refs can just control O/U with f...StocktonShorts22
11/21/16Tennessee vs Wisconsin NcaaBExpert16
11/20/16Someone is texting me again to take...buffer5
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