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11/30/15-3 FAves to Bury their OpponentsRelax_Dude14
11/30/15Patriots // Broncos - Bailout Damon10219
11/29/15Week 12 NFL. Taking two teams with ...HappyKane12
11/29/15NHL mojo for November 28, 2015.HappyKane4
11/29/15Nov 28 NBA. HappyKane13
11/28/15*** enbeeaye ***5
11/28/152nd Halfestes17174
11/28/15Nov 27. 2nd Half play for the Minne...HappyKane3
11/27/15*** Chicago Bulls@ Indiana Pacers *...placeholder9
11/26/15*** 50th Loss ***WussieMan8
11/26/15Nov 25 NBA. HappyKane17
11/25/15NHL mojo for November 25, 2015.HappyKane1
11/24/15*** Its always calm before the stor...WussieMan14
11/24/15Nov 23 NBA.HappyKane12
11/24/15Nov 24 NBA. HappyKane2
11/22/15Nov 22 NBA. HappyKane6
11/22/15Nov 21 NBA. HappyKane12
11/22/15Cotto vs canelo16
11/21/15STAY AWAY FROM MICHIGAN S...DoubleUp4Life27
11/21/15***Macwesties Sat. Nov. 21...Macwestie132
11/21/15*** SAT. NBA ***badlands4
11/21/15*** FADE ***WussieMan5
11/21/15JIMMY DA GREEK!Jailbait71276
11/21/15NHL mojo for November 20, 2015.HappyKane5
11/21/152nd half? clips or port?nervousbug5
11/20/15Nov 20 NBA. 2nd Half opportunities.HappyKane23
11/20/15GSW @ LAC IN-GAME...placeholder41
11/20/15Tennessee Titans -2½ +150. Thank yo...HappyKane10
11/19/15Nov 19 NBA. You can't exact revenge...HappyKane6
11/19/15NHL mojo for November 18, 2015.HappyKane2
11/18/15Nov 18 NBA. 2nd Half play alert for...HappyKane8
11/18/15Nov 17 NBA. HappyKane4
11/17/15NHL mojo for November 17, 2015.HappyKane3
11/17/15Ok, I'll raise my hand and be Vegas...jrgumpert7
11/16/15Nov 16 NBA. HappyKane1
11/16/15NHL mojo for November 15, 2015.HappyKane3
11/15/15NHL mojo for November 14, 2015.HappyKane4
11/14/15*** 34% winners ***WussieMan4
11/14/15Nov 14 NBA. HappyKane2
11/14/15NHL mojo for November 13, 2015.HappyKane4
11/13/15NHL mojo for November 12, 2015.HappyKane3
11/12/15Nov 12 NBA. Faith.HappyKane3
11/11/15Nov 11 NBA. Incentivized risk and t...HappyKane2
11/10/15Nov 10 NBA. The mojo versus the hum...HappyKane3
11/10/15NHL mojo for November 10, 2015.HappyKane1
11/10/15Nov 9 NBA. Intriguing mojo speak.HappyKane3
11/08/15Nov 7. NBA plays and 2nd Half proba...HappyKane11
11/07/15are the bucks a good team?Dubfire8
11/07/15*** I Fuckin Blow ***WussieMan21
11/06/15Nov 6. NBA 2nd Half system plays.HappyKane18
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