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07/28/14Here's some advice to the losers th...HOFCity32
05/26/14How's the music in your gym?searchwarrant19
05/01/14Easy As Ice CreamHOFCity3
03/29/14Scumbags waking up from their Chris...HOFCity25
02/25/14Total Dog $|-| I T teamHOFCity7
02/22/14Saturday February 22nd : The best t...TRAIN6965
02/21/14Another Lock: Hawaii -3LawsonJames11
02/21/14Easiest play5
02/17/14Sunday BeliefsHOFCity7
02/16/14Laying it all on the lineEPresley34
02/16/14anybody brave enough to take rutger...arthurbarry6
02/16/14Realistic discussion about point sh...CuseCappa8
02/16/14Really late Wisconsin line movementcowboyfan13254
02/16/14Unreal Mich loser8
02/15/14Justin JacksonHOFCity1
02/13/148:00PM ESTHOFCity3
02/11/149:00PM Eastern Standard TimeHOFCity4
02/04/142H late to partyHOFCity2
02/03/14Waited 11 months for this one.HOFCity13
01/31/14Avenged Sevenfold - NightmareHOFCity3
01/29/14You want to be a turd?HOFCity15
01/29/14New Mexico C Kirkjeremyr19
01/23/14Huge System Play Wed.Degen4Ever23
01/13/14Cleveland State 7
01/13/14Slurp My Taint 1/13HOFCity5
01/13/14Best capper on twitter?Justin20513
01/04/14FRIDAY JANUARY 3, 2014HOFCity10
01/01/14Flood WarningHOFCity29
12/30/13Bloody Sunday For 96% Of YouHOFCity7
12/30/13CFB - Bowl SeasonHotRoute63
12/25/13Bookie coming to Collect Christmas ...CJJ30754
12/24/1312/23 - HatredHOFCity6
12/24/13Slurp My Taint 12/23HOFCity45
12/23/13*** BEEF BOWL ***badlands15
12/23/1312/23 College Football BowlsMetallica246714
12/23/13Sundays winner, 1 stone cold lock ...PyRish79
12/23/13I hate you, I hate you... I hate yo...HOFCity73
12/22/13Slurp My Taint 12/22HOFCity9
12/22/13I told you to HAMMER Refsk...23
12/22/13HAMMER: Redskins +3 & ...9
12/22/13Here's a spoonHOFCity30
12/21/13Here's a spoonHOFCity16
12/21/13Consider ECU nc1capper6
12/18/13Easy As Ice CreamHOFCity12
12/17/13 Easy As Ice Cream Monday NightHOFCity24
12/16/131 Play Monday 12/2/2013HOFCity8
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