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10/27/16Sick of losing follow your lord &am...8
10/27/16Thunder vs 76er's 5
10/27/16come on rockets ot!!!!!!For_The_Books4
10/27/16THUNDER UP!!!!!!!!!!For_The_Books12
10/26/16OKC Thunder UP.onthegreen132
10/26/16taking g-stateFor_The_Books8
10/22/16So Cubs win 3-0?guyhopestowin28
10/18/16Toronto blue Jays World Series winn...51
10/16/16ANYBODY KNOWS THE FIRST QU...For_The_Books1
10/16/16PATS WIN CANT COVER BENGAL...For_The_Books1
10/16/169-0 NFLvenividivicifb40
10/15/16had panthers under 5...thought i lo...For_The_Books1
10/15/16INSIGHT ON THE ALABAMA VS ...For_The_Books1
10/14/16strong early leans,10
10/13/16** NFL Thursday 10/13 w/ write up *...thexpanic16
10/13/16Would the Cubs rather play the Dodg...strippersnbens11
10/12/16Sidney Crosby diagnosed with concus...moho11
10/12/16Nats can't finish the job . Now gam...sideJOBplay8
10/11/16DUSTY BAKER THIS GUY COME ...For_The_Books4
10/11/16Dodgers Nationals IN GAME20
10/11/16DODGERS IN GAME LIVEFor_The_Books1
10/11/16Cubs vs Giants Winner7
10/11/16taking the nats moneyline For_The_Books1
10/10/16Can Boston Still Win Down 2-0 in th...squirrelhunter31
10/09/16Last year Rangers won first 2 in To...buffer27
10/08/16JOHN LUCROY SUCK BALLS PER...For_The_Books11
10/08/16Cubs vs Giants live threadDigitalkarma17
10/08/16how r u guys taking giants tonight?...PoeticJustice14
10/08/16LOCK IT UP HOUSTON U -17For_The_Books2
10/07/16cubs/Giants O 6.5johnnyfry11
10/07/16over on giants is dead....home ump ...For_The_Books2
10/07/16Friday Toronto/Texas Action $$$Unstoppable Force6
10/07/16Red Sox to advance -165USF_Dude10
10/07/16TEXAS / JAYS INGAME CHATFor_The_Books30
10/07/16Congrats to Jays backersmartymcfly3110
10/07/16*** ALDS gm2 Toronto Blue ...vankiep_000710
10/07/16Jays +1.52
10/07/16Smart play in TOR/TEXGamebreaker239
10/07/16Taking Tribe BIG !Mancity23
10/07/16You know what bugs me about basebal...UglyKidJoe6
10/07/16Anyone think they won't get this ov...Gamebreaker2311
10/06/16Which Trevor Bauer will we see toni...MrShowtime19
10/06/16ALDS Jays @ Rangers Game one live c...searchwarrant68
10/06/16OVER BACKERS..KNEEL BEFORE...PoeticJustice8
10/06/16joey bats just gave texas a 3 run b...For_The_Books2
10/06/165 more runs for the over, LETS GOOOPoeticJustice6
10/06/16JAYS / RANGERS INGAME CHATFor_The_Books1
10/06/16Cubs -260 Series Price Ove...9
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