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12/07/14stl money lineTWOBALLS10
11/18/14Everyone & their mother are on Stee...iDontLose6933
11/18/14Pitt -6.5 second halfCaliflex13
11/18/14Terrible challenge Metro4138
11/18/14You think Pitts gonna run the game ...AndDenSum9
11/16/14Does anyone else like/dislike teams...jeremiahj135
11/16/14If Broncos lose to Rams I'm convinc...Audball36
11/16/14No Montee Ball, No Julius Thomas, G...VegasVandal45
11/16/14Stl trying to hurt denver players!Unplug6
11/16/14Congrats Bengals and Rams backersAudball6
11/14/14Who out there sports gambles for a ...30
11/10/14Maybe weird but serious question...Mancity59
11/10/14will marc trestman have a job monda...lastchance091012
11/10/14Anyone dare take Bears 2nd half?12
11/10/14Someone tell me why not to bet bear...13
11/09/14What 2H line should be?vankiep_000712
11/09/14Can we all agree, get cutler out!!!...6
10/27/14The Official Philadelphia Eagles Ba...VegasVandal41
10/26/14BILLS BACKERS ACTING LIKE ...Mocan89914
10/26/14Why do people still take the Jets?themaceo6
10/26/14Mike SmithFlutiemaniac3414
10/26/14Sammy Watkins just got caught showb...Flutiemaniac3413
10/24/14INCREDIBLY interesting read about t...scalabrine23
10/24/14What's this about a terrorist attac...SwishSwish123429
10/21/14What is the best US state to live i...strippersnbens90
10/19/14What a fake punt return TD by the R...VGPOP10
10/18/14Snap chat leak 8
10/17/14Friday Analysisjackal44227
10/13/14DENVER @ JETS! BIG WRITE-U...scalabrine190
10/12/14THANK YOU GENO SMITH!!!!icemantbi6
10/05/14Panhandler Etiquettebizkilla53
09/28/142nd half pounderndukechi9
09/28/14Wake up Pittsburghmr_bollox29
09/28/14DETROIT -1 LARGElil_b_swag62
09/28/14just put vick inRGFII24
09/09/14Tennis 2014tazs_crew47
08/26/14Erin Andrews is anorexic looking23
08/24/14us open suggestions....payne0347
08/24/14Sf 2h ML 4
08/21/14Any chance GGL will tank today?begginerboy10
08/20/14Tony Stewart accidentally runs over...schwartzbewithu82
08/19/14Gun ownersTexanGambler30
08/16/14That FedereChokeatp29
08/11/14Chardy vs Kohlschreiber12
08/11/14who is Jack Sock's coach?jefff6
08/01/14My Gambling Dilema.MIZUNO2270
07/22/14Stores now selling recreational wee...SwishSwish1234102
07/22/14Who else thinks Soccer again will f...MTFN5037
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