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12/07/16Serious Streak Survivor Strategiessmoothd2013552
11/11/16Anybody else getting crushed this y...wolffer1229
07/10/16Detroit/Toronto series - trying to ...smac3822
03/15/161 Pick Per League?????sjewell295
03/05/16ny collapses yet again MLdogs5
02/25/16conn usf underF-Orrell1
02/18/16UNC threw that game?SiuLungBao24
02/08/16Clippers suckelia2015
02/06/16Sat Night playsF-Orrell1
02/05/16Friday podF-Orrell1
02/04/16Thursday's cardF-Orrell1
02/03/16wed pickF-Orrell1
02/02/16Bucks @ Kings Under 213.5holdmybeer19
02/02/16another game of the year Mondayjaggermik5
02/02/16why did Toronto O/U drop f...ALLHABS11
01/27/16Hopefully Dallas defense and action...gamblerdevil9118
01/26/16Under 6.5 CLB/MTLF-Orrell4
01/26/16Do linesmakers for college ball suc...elia2025
01/26/16Whats the max bet?F-Orrell2
01/24/16bad challengehere2stayz3
01/21/16People who back the Lakers may be w...AStefani21
01/21/16Shoot me-Dreaded OT killer of the U...Crashdavis5653
01/19/16Mavs and celtics goes overF-Orrell4
01/18/16Brooklyn dont coverF-Orrell11
01/10/16Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati - In-Game T...Pandalicious127
01/09/16*****KC @ Hous in-game thr...SirBruce141
01/01/16Thank you Tennessee Dbpcuno9
01/01/16Over moosejoetom582
12/05/15cle/new orl 2nd hnba-capper5
11/26/15Jazz +56
09/19/13Choking gasping for air Pirates.searchwarrant53
01/27/13Over/Under proposalF-Orrell4
12/28/12Mavs/OKC Under Backers!!!ZugariBabu24
12/23/12If Garrett is smart he goes for it....Flutiemaniac34139
12/21/12Raptors NBA Championship Outright +...F-Orrell11
12/19/12Lost 1,500 TodayPrettyboy90914
12/15/12Hoosiers are a LOCK6
09/25/12What confuses me the most about las...LETGOPACK123445
06/20/12DUMBEST FOUL IN NBA FINALS...earl243438
04/17/12don't know why it took so long get ...chuckdaduck5
04/12/12Ingame: Cubs/Brewersx3ricx23
04/07/12rangers losing on purpose?F-Orrell16
04/03/12Took the Yankees today like a sucke...TheSituation55961
04/02/12Braves Rally46
04/01/12No Overtime!michaelb519
04/01/12Islanders are now favoured WTF??Dangerbay42
03/03/12Iowa fucking suxdmfan214
02/27/12** COVERS NBA CAPPING COMP...Roonie219
02/05/12Why would Belichek defer and put t...jigsy18
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