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10/05/15Clemson only -8???joepa2114
10/05/15NCAAF Week SIXmbiddy9
10/05/15WEEK 6= Come FADE DoubleUp...DoubleUp4Life5
10/05/15Toledo... where the hell did you co...RockstarGator6
10/04/15And Now You Bang the NinersJFen3184
10/04/15NCAA WEEK 6 **** Putting H...TRAIN6930
10/04/15*** Week 6 NCAA football ***Boom_Boom28
10/04/15WEEK 6 LINE GUESSES...MOVI...DoubleUp4Life28
10/04/15NFL WEEK 4 = 3+ LARGER PLA...DoubleUp4Life20
10/04/15Teams that need to show me somethin...BWS7748
10/04/15The New York Jets 2015suuma174
10/04/15NCAA wk 5MEGALOCKS264
10/04/152015 Miami Dolphins threadearthWake218
10/04/15Dr Strangelove Week 5DrStrangelove15
10/04/15TD Week 5TD2153
10/04/15please CLEMSON , DONT CHOK...DoubleUp4Life29
10/04/15 WEEK 5 = DUp SAUCING 4 mo...DoubleUp4Life75
10/03/15*** Week 5 NCAA football ***Boom_Boom106
10/03/15NCAAF Week Fivembiddy34
10/03/15Alabama -- Georgia Relax_Dude25
10/03/15This is Clemson's Biggest Game of t...Relax_Dude32
10/03/15nostradamus week 5nostradamus1230
10/03/15LONGHORNHOOSIER - WEEK 5, ...LonghornHoosier18
10/02/15A game you are not interested in bu...scalabrine178
10/02/15what case can you make for iowa to ...Raidernator764
10/02/15Week 4: Power ratings, picks, and w...McGuire8770
10/02/15Miami at Cincinnati (10/01/2015)Covers30
10/01/15WEEK 5bookieassassin35
10/01/15Pats -150 to win AFC EAST??MoneyShot21
10/01/15The great motivator Tubbervilleboomersooner186
09/29/15NCAA Week 5Wizerguy4
09/29/152015/16 Divisional Outrightsisport21
09/29/15West Virginia +9 @ Oklahoma6
09/29/15WEEK 3 NFL Point Spread Ra...DoubleUp4Life19
09/28/15What is the line going to be for Ga...jwheels8614
09/28/15WEEK 5 LINE GUESSES = DEGE...DoubleUp4Life12
09/28/15*** Week 4 NCAA football ***Boom_Boom114
09/28/15My Top 10 re-shuffle after Week 4 (...m0rtgageguy4
09/28/15Kentucky -3 vs Missouri. ****Bomb ...TRAIN6959
09/27/15Week 4 Look aheadsBWS779
09/27/15The LIONS SUCK,BUT THEY AR...DoubleUp4Life9
09/27/15BUFFALO BILLS = $$$$$$$$ DoubleUp4Life8
09/27/15YO REX ... TAKEOUT THE 1ST...DoubleUp4Life1
09/27/15Week 4 = FIRST 2 MORTGAGE ...DoubleUp4Life57
09/27/15NCAA wk 4MEGALOCKS252
09/27/15AP TOP 25 For WEEK 5 + E...DoubleUp4Life2
09/27/15NCAA WEEK 4 **** TRAIN ALM...TRAIN6974
09/27/15NCAAF Week Fourmbiddy27
09/26/15FCS/FCS Week 4bigvern10136
09/26/15Week 4amd32
09/26/15WEEK 4bookieassassin29
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