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12/03/16GIANTS @ BROWNS: It's back...scalabrine278
12/03/16Serious Streak Survivor Strategiessmoothd2013549
12/02/16******Buffalo @ Oakland **...Maverickmax86
12/02/16LMAO THURSDAY NIGHT SLAUGH...bpickin31
12/02/16NFL Week 13Wizerguy13
12/02/16Tonights Play!!!St2ee38
12/02/16Chung hot thurs minny/boyz!chungnuoc27
12/02/16DK NFL Week 13Digitalkarma24
12/01/16Even Before Running System, KC Look...46
12/01/16Suuma the fat pant loadbunny2464
12/01/16DALLAS COWBOYS at MINNESOT...DoctorSuccess19
11/29/16***Back at it***Madden2134
11/29/16NFL Week 12 - Max Bet- ( 1...Wizerguy34
11/28/16Week 12Dogjimbo2
11/28/16DK NFL Thanksgiving Week 12Digitalkarma39
11/25/16Thanksgiving for you Turkeys!!!!!St2ee43
11/24/16 **NFL Spectacular- We close out in...VegasVandal30
11/24/16Thanks Giving NFL10
11/23/16suuma's NFL Week Elevensuuma131
11/22/16Johnson's Week 11 NFLCMJohnson118
11/21/16MIAMI DOLPHINS at LOS ANGE...DoctorSuccess17
11/21/16***TIME TO WIN WEEK 10***Madden2195
11/21/16What a day? BIGGGESTTT Win...seattleseahawks7
11/20/16Easier to predict, NFL game or or U...149
11/20/16WEEK 11... NFLDogjimbo2
11/20/16Chung hot slammer sunday wk11!chungnuoc11
11/20/16Call the Docta Week 11 picks4
11/20/16Eye on 3 Sunday gameLyTon16
11/20/16***WEEK 11 NFL***import4
11/20/16Fade's NFLfadeORdie3
11/19/16BPICKIN WEEK 11 NFL 3 TOP ...bpickin28
11/18/16System on a little 5-1 run after Sa...4
11/18/16Chung hot thursday double header wk...chungnuoc27
11/18/16Louisville at Houston (11/17/2016)Covers20
11/18/16***Macwesties Thurs. Nov. ...Macwestie112
11/18/16Thursday College Football Winners5
11/17/16Official Week 11 System Picksfootballsmart5
11/17/16New Orleans at Carolina (1...Covers12
11/17/16Thursday 11172016 _ Good lucksmallbet077
11/17/16CFB Louisville/HoustonMetallica24676
11/16/16Phins NCAAF Wednesday ****dolphins4life13
11/16/16suuma's NFL Week Tensuuma135
11/15/16Cincinnati at New York (11...Covers25
11/14/16System Goes 4-1, reaches 56% overal...9
11/13/16***TIME TO WIN***Madden211047
11/12/16Official Week 10 System Picksfootballsmart7
11/11/16Fade's NFL TNFfadeORdie10
11/11/16Lines are UP for Teddy and Prez' $5...theprez432
11/11/16Cleveland at Baltimore (11/10/2016)Covers22
11/09/16suuma's NFL Week Ninesuuma188
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