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08/02/14RNC and Lebron to Cleveland in the ...BWS7710
08/01/14Betting against the RANGERS till th...POLISH60
08/01/142014 MLB Learnersrealm Betting Syst...Learnersrealm371
08/01/14Not even Soros could afford the pre...DavidGurney4
08/01/14Ray RiceSkipster30
07/30/14Rubbergame ReportDavidGurney2
07/30/14"I need a day off'DavidGurney7
07/30/14PADRES WAS EASY $$VegasCapper15734
07/29/14MLB Second Half One Play A Day Thre...Absolutxedge2246
07/29/14Rutgers at Washington Stat...Covers2
07/27/14***New system I'm trying out. Take ...JaimeLannister76
07/26/14"You mean that this series isn't ov...DavidGurney3
07/25/14Padres in 23-1 spotDavidGurney11
07/24/14Thursday morning 3 games discussion...31
07/23/14Road Rubbergame ReportDavidGurney5
07/23/14my 1st time posting picks!!9
07/23/14F U PapplebonBLITZ81910
07/22/14I can destroy the books betting MLB...Cappernicking86
07/22/14Dogs back to their usual Monday tri...DavidGurney2
07/20/1416 weeks down,10 to goDavidGurney1
07/20/14oak-balt rubber game9
07/20/14Current odds on devil rays to win A...Eagles9874
07/20/14Take Miami and go to the bank!Andrew197614
07/18/14Jeter just told Joe Buck to F off o...Super_Camel37
07/18/14South-Side Residents Call on Obama ...zelo12325
07/18/14No over-under for Cubs-Diamondbacks...DavidGurney8
07/11/14Will Biden quit the ticket in 2016?DavidGurney1
07/10/14The number of goals scored in the W...DavidGurney1
07/10/14Can Buchanan buck the trend?DavidGurney1
07/10/14In all my years betting baseball th...46
07/08/145 Dimes posting lines earlier and e...DavidGurney2
07/07/14Yanks are hitting but.....DavidGurney1
07/07/14Hit em with a 4 teamer 5
07/07/14Favorites 44-25 in JulyDavidGurney2
07/06/14"The Good, the Bad, the Ugly" (7/5)rmb5w28
07/06/14KingScorpio - Covers Expert - Satur...KingScorpio15
07/05/14Drudge outs Obama and wife.Time for...DavidGurney17
07/05/14"You mean this series isn't over?"DavidGurney1
07/03/14Wednesday MLBKingScorpio11
07/02/14Kansas City Royals at Minnesota Twi...zelo12318
07/01/14Favorites 8-0 so far todayDavidGurney3
07/01/14Will favorites start winning in Jul...DavidGurney4
07/01/14I knew there was a reason I stoppe...10
06/29/146/29/14 Home Umpire Quicklookbobmaloogatimesfive4
06/28/14I am back from VacationPicksbypete48
06/28/14Nationals - Cubs Game 1 TalkBigJoe8324
06/27/14Where is Vin Scully Saint9218
06/27/14Utley's HR ups mark to 7-0DavidGurney1
06/26/14Rubbergame report-road favoritesDavidGurney3
06/26/14mlb is roughwootangclan11
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