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07/29/15Remote Viewingitsonnow140
07/29/15New System, don't follow, tracking ...twise4513
07/29/15Rolling pretty good and even winnin...Crashdavis56515
07/29/15Marlins run angle to 11-0,2 yr.reco...DavidGurney3
07/29/15Count Five-Rockies scale Wrigley.Ya...DavidGurney1
07/28/152015 MLB YTD RECORD: 119-1...DDH42017
07/25/159-0 ,2 year angleDavidGurney4
07/25/15Sox come through in extras vs Tiger...DavidGurney1
07/25/15Count Five-I'm having a Psychotic R...DavidGurney1
07/24/15Cubs' historic losing streakDavidGurney6
07/23/15Indians crap out on 7.DavidGurney3
07/23/15Reds loss runs simple angle to 26-1...DavidGurney5
07/21/15ONE AND ONLY GAME OF THE Y...Jailbait71274
07/21/15Simple little angle hereDavidGurney2
07/21/15Is Covers having a glitch?DavidGurney1
07/19/15Texas SUKS BadBayArea3425
07/19/15........two OVERS I like.....pipedoctor9
07/19/15Over hits in Philly in top of 3rdDavidGurney1
07/19/15Will Padres fall on unlucky 13?DavidGurney2
07/18/15Remember Red Sox -Angels is a wrapa...DavidGurney6
07/17/15First Row Sports.. Not showing Brav...getem4747
07/13/15RUTGERS WINS!DavidGurney1
07/11/15On the 8's-Mr.Hughes won't need to ...DavidGurney3
07/11/15One thing I've noticedDavidGurney6
07/10/15Cubs due on FridayDavidGurney2
07/09/15Royals run angle to 12 straight win...DavidGurney1
07/08/15Kershaw slight favorite tomorrowDavidGurney11
07/07/15One of mankind's great mysteriesDavidGurney3
07/06/15What a night for Rutgers!DavidGurney4
07/05/15The Banks of the Raritan are overfl...DavidGurney1
07/03/15What's happening in the lines secti...DavidGurney3
07/03/15What happened to the 5 Dimes lines ...DavidGurney1
07/01/15Johnny in the spot tomorrowDavidGurney3
06/30/155 games with no Wednesday lines at ...DavidGurney2
06/28/15Faceberg pushes diversity for all c...DavidGurney3
06/26/15Cards in 15-3 spotDavidGurney11
06/25/15Will Lester channel Bo Derek today?DavidGurney1
06/23/15Cardinals run perfect angle to 11-0...DavidGurney1
06/22/15Phillies -1.5 @ +410UnderDogs197910
06/22/15Phillies are good at hitting Michae...DavidGurney2
06/19/15Not bad:Picked all 4 games in Yanks...DavidGurney4
06/17/15Pirates may be no Locke tonightDavidGurney3
06/16/15Phillies pitching lmao4
06/16/15On the 8's-Marlins took me literall...DavidGurney2
06/15/15Marlins not perfect 10DavidGurney1
06/13/15I can't believe Felix that bad7
06/13/15Astros do it againDavidGurney4
06/11/15Indigenous Peoples' Parlay?DavidGurney1
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