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05/28/15Why I like an under at 9 tonightPowerDfence47
05/28/150-5 record when posting my pick on ...nygjmap8
05/27/1534-5 trend: Home Favorites...42
05/27/15On the 8's-The Reds should put you ...DavidGurney1
05/26/15Reds in 9-0 spotDavidGurney8
05/25/15Will the Phillies perform a Colonos...DavidGurney7
05/23/15Interesting situation for Tampa-A's...DavidGurney2
05/23/15Wouldn't you know it?DavidGurney2
05/23/15Route 66 parlay hitDavidGurney2
05/21/15Those watching the Red SoxDavidGurney5
05/21/15For those that don't believe in the...fadeORdie28
05/21/15On the 8's-The Price should be Righ...DavidGurney4
05/20/15On the 8's-It's overDavidGurney6
05/20/15Sorry that I couldn't keep people o...DavidGurney3
05/15/15Rangers-Indians quick statDavidGurney5
05/15/15In honor of the 17th anniversary of...DavidGurney2
05/15/15On the 8's- Keuchel and Martinez sh...DavidGurney3
05/14/15Too bad Oakland isnt playing tonigh...BlackC2
05/14/15On the 8's-No 23 Skidoo hereDavidGurney1
05/13/15need insight on redsox/oak game..14
05/13/15Phillies should walk the plank agai...DavidGurney4
05/12/15Miracle Just HappenedMONEY_MAKER_7026
05/11/154 game series' increasing recentlyDavidGurney6
05/09/15Will it be Johnny IN the spot today...DavidGurney4
05/09/15I'm setting a goal to make $15,...48
05/07/15Are the Rangers done??lmb432122
05/06/15BREWERS WILL WIN Wednesday...cropduster5
05/06/15Wed TrendsRLeith354
05/06/15Giants loss not surprisingDavidGurney1
05/06/15"We just got here'DavidGurney1
05/06/15Beat em' Bucs?DavidGurney1
05/06/15Nats run high rubbergame record to ...DavidGurney2
05/06/15PITT you suck lucky8089
05/06/15This just jumped off of the pageDavidGurney2
05/05/15Days of the week selectingDavidGurney3
05/03/15On the 8's-Dodgers make it 17 strai...DavidGurney7
05/03/15On the 8's-Dodgers come throughDavidGurney4
05/02/15Normally,you'd go against the Marli...DavidGurney2
05/02/15lol @ all the chalk winning todayGTD4
05/02/15REDS FIRST 5 (7:35 pm star...Locks-on-locks5
05/01/15On the 8'-Marlins run angle to 16 s...DavidGurney1
05/01/15One month of baseball in the books,...GStanton2714
04/30/15On the 8's-Once again,it's time to ...DavidGurney6
04/30/15MLB Professional Analysis with insi...cj3804
04/30/15Cardinals line movement32
04/30/15The Pittsburgh Pirates -115ChicagoSportsAu9
04/30/15When will people learn to stop bett...AStefani12
04/30/15Proofs that NBA is Rigged 100% [Vid...dontknowhowtobe11
04/29/15Another 4 straight loss home favori...DavidGurney1
04/29/15Dodgers first high line rubbergame ...DavidGurney2
04/29/15Riots screwing Obama's teamDavidGurney5
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