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09/30/142014 MLB Learnersrealm Betting Syst...Learnersrealm801
09/29/14Absolutely,Positively,the final Rub...DavidGurney5
09/28/14Muslims give us something newDavidGurney42
09/28/14Eric Holder was a roaring ...DavidGurney2
09/27/14Will Rutgers be favored against Mic...DavidGurney3
09/26/14The cure for Islam in the USADavidGurney2
09/25/14Final Rubbergame Report of 2014DavidGurney6
09/24/14A's lose again tomorrowbobmaloogatimesfive21
09/23/14Yankees tonightDavidGurney1
09/22/14Reasons to bet against the A's the ...bobmaloogatimesfive31
09/20/14Rutgers at Navy (09/20/2014)Covers9
09/19/14When does this Dodgers line start t...The-Genius23
09/19/14Favorites hitting 63 per cent in Se...DavidGurney3
09/18/14Dodgers today!24
09/16/14How about we let the immigrants sta...BWS7717
09/15/14Does the media really want to inves...DavidGurney8
09/14/14TheActuary - MLB 09-14-14TheActuary3
09/14/14Brewers,Royals in great spots.DavidGurney1
09/13/14Rigged Game Alert!schreib8
09/13/14Penn State at Rutgers (09/...Covers7
09/12/14Brewers in 12-1 spot todayDavidGurney7
09/11/14tiers for fiers2
09/11/14"I need a day off'DavidGurney1
09/10/14What does Obama have against Issel?DavidGurney4
09/08/142015 Schedule releasedDavidGurney5
09/08/14Love these 2 early lines!!!StanThaCaddy4
09/06/14what a night...4
09/06/14I have never seen a game pissed awa...tenorbrett10
09/05/14Mid range rubbergames now 36-9DavidGurney9
09/03/14How are the Gillette parrot,Michael...DavidGurney1
09/02/14Feartheweb week 1 77
08/30/14I can destroy the books betting MLB...Cappernicking134
08/29/14Rutgers at Washington Stat...Covers12
08/27/14Rubbergame Report-Cards-PiratesDavidGurney1
08/26/14Who think we can get a split with R...VegasVandal27
08/25/14Marlins swimming upstream on Monday...DavidGurney8
08/25/14Religion of Pieces at it againDavidGurney15
08/25/14domingo dinero in the styhenrymethbreath98
08/24/14Rubbergame Report-SundayDavidGurney6
08/24/14Cubs fail to throw box carsDavidGurney1
08/23/14Miracle Mariners make angle a perfe...DavidGurney2
08/21/14"The entire federal government is g...DavidGurney4
08/21/14I am the coldest capper on coversBestNameEver25
08/20/14Does the home team EVER win by 2 wh...Legend657
08/20/14Giants Cubs cost me 1,350POCallaghan054
08/20/14Possible blowout late tonightDavidGurney3
08/19/14Dammit! I missed this stat in Natio...DavidGurney1
08/18/14Will the Mariners finally run agro...DavidGurney10
08/17/14Maybe Clarissa can explain it all a...DavidGurney1
08/17/14Rubbergame ReportDavidGurney3
08/17/14Interesting little stat for Sunday'...DavidGurney5
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