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04/26/17I Moved To Vegas: MLB Season ThreadWSTgekko676
04/26/17Why did i let the degenerates convi...VideoGamerAlby9
04/26/17Rubbergame ReportDavidGurney5
04/26/17A very positive situation to watch ...zebrakiller4
04/25/17Why it's important to have more tha...DavidGurney4
04/25/17Angels in 9-1 spot;Giants,Mariners,...DavidGurney9
04/23/17Rubbergame ReportDavidGurney2
04/23/17Seattle Mariners ML $50011
04/22/17Favorites continue to lose "Neutral...DavidGurney2
04/22/17Rob ManfredLogCottage3
04/20/17Rubbergames haven't been closeDavidGurney6
04/18/17Under trend continues in AL gamesDavidGurney1
04/17/17Biggest surprise so farDavidGurney4
04/14/17A pair of 7-1 systems so far,et alDavidGurney1
04/13/17Call on Cespedes is why I tossed ou...DavidGurney1
04/13/17Jack Kerouac would love this statDavidGurney1
04/10/17Just when I thought I was ...DavidGurney2
04/08/17Home favorites on 3 game losing str...DavidGurney2
04/08/17Toronto Blue Jays vs. Tampa Bay Ray...KingScorpio10
04/08/17I'm not ready to make pick...DavidGurney1
03/16/17Did National Security Adviser Micha...ilsp2003178
03/07/17Have you seen what the Padres may t...DavidGurney10
03/03/17When did The Beaver State become Th...DavidGurney2
02/16/17The Badgers don't need no stinkin' ...DavidGurney2
02/16/17Think Obama is gone? Wrong you will...zelo1235
02/11/17Horrible Super Bowl halftime show.....Navi46
02/07/17'She's ferocious,and she knows just...DavidGurney1
02/05/17near 1 million has been raised to r...nature19704
02/05/17My Super Bowl FantasyDavidGurney1
01/31/17we do not want them herenature197012
01/30/17Trump channels Eric ClaptonDavidGurney1
01/30/17Mets Win World SeriesDaGmen9
01/23/17Strange quirk in the scheduleDavidGurney3
01/22/17+++Packers @ Atlanta in game thread...Raqoon152
01/19/17Roger Goddell Will Absolutely Not B...Maverickmax22
01/18/17Is anyone up to date on NJ trying t...Jerseyboy893
01/18/17Today reminds me of an Eddie Murphy...DavidGurney1
01/16/17Game times should be out soonDavidGurney3
01/15/17Texans will shock the world next we...buffer50
01/14/17Anybody Sensing KC wins this game v...22
01/12/17Bring San Diego to New Yorkjakecece2
01/03/17This is hard to believeDavidGurney7
01/01/17Will Trump get even with the NFL?DavidGurney1
12/23/16Marley's Ghost was correct.DavidGurney1
12/12/16Vegas must be taking a pounding wit...oldwiseone23
12/10/16Presidential Electionvanzack1023
12/06/16Isles / RangersWander Bread10
12/06/16ALL I HAVE ON JETS -1 OCwager31
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