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07/01/15Johnny in the spot tomorrowDavidGurney3
06/30/155 games with no Wednesday lines at ...DavidGurney2
06/28/15Faceberg pushes diversity for all c...DavidGurney3
06/26/15Cards in 15-3 spotDavidGurney11
06/25/15Will Lester channel Bo Derek today?DavidGurney1
06/23/15Cardinals run perfect angle to 11-0...DavidGurney1
06/22/15Phillies -1.5 @ +410UnderDogs197910
06/22/15Phillies are good at hitting Michae...DavidGurney2
06/19/15Not bad:Picked all 4 games in Yanks...DavidGurney4
06/17/15Pirates may be no Locke tonightDavidGurney3
06/16/15Phillies pitching lmao4
06/16/15On the 8's-Marlins took me literall...DavidGurney2
06/15/15Marlins not perfect 10DavidGurney1
06/13/15I can't believe Felix that bad7
06/13/15Astros do it againDavidGurney4
06/11/15Indigenous Peoples' Parlay?DavidGurney1
06/11/15Angel angleDavidGurney3
06/07/15On the 8's-Will the Stros' stop the...DavidGurney6
06/06/15Why I like an under at 9 tonightPowerDfence55
06/05/15On the 8's-Will the Twins hit black...DavidGurney1
06/03/15Sweep Dreams-"Mirror Image"DavidGurney4
06/03/15Rubbergame Report-21st Amendment Ba...DavidGurney1
06/03/15Why did they pitch to Darin Ruf?Bsallday475
06/02/15Is this Parlay a lock?FYL70611
06/02/15Question about teams playing 2 game...kosmos47
05/31/15On a bad runDavidGurney4
05/30/15On the 8's-Book it with Elias tonig...DavidGurney3
05/28/150-5 record when posting my pick on ...nygjmap8
05/27/1534-5 trend: Home Favorites...42
05/27/15On the 8's-The Reds should put you ...DavidGurney1
05/26/15Reds in 9-0 spotDavidGurney8
05/25/15Will the Phillies perform a Colonos...DavidGurney7
05/23/15Interesting situation for Tampa-A's...DavidGurney2
05/23/15Wouldn't you know it?DavidGurney2
05/23/15Route 66 parlay hitDavidGurney2
05/21/15Those watching the Red SoxDavidGurney5
05/21/15For those that don't believe in the...fadeORdie28
05/21/15On the 8's-The Price should be Righ...DavidGurney4
05/20/15On the 8's-It's overDavidGurney6
05/20/15Sorry that I couldn't keep people o...DavidGurney3
05/15/15Rangers-Indians quick statDavidGurney5
05/15/15In honor of the 17th anniversary of...DavidGurney2
05/15/15On the 8's- Keuchel and Martinez sh...DavidGurney3
05/14/15Too bad Oakland isnt playing tonigh...BlackC2
05/14/15On the 8's-No 23 Skidoo hereDavidGurney1
05/13/15need insight on redsox/oak game..14
05/13/15Phillies should walk the plank agai...DavidGurney4
05/12/15Miracle Just HappenedMONEY_MAKER_7026
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