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11/23/15Bowl Eligible Teams after Week 12 BWS7712
11/20/15Bowl Eligible Teams after Week 11BWS7712
11/18/15Proofs that NBA is Rigged 100% [Vid...dontknowhowtobe26
11/12/15Having 2 years of data is wonderfulDavidGurney3
11/10/15Black athletes go on strike at Mizz...CalBear200945
11/10/15Bowl Eligible Teams after Week 10BWS7713
11/02/15My vacation is overDavidGurney1
11/01/15miami ending unreal!!!!!!buffer29
10/25/15The Buckeyes are only No.2...DavidGurney1
10/22/15serious question to the mlb forumALLHABS5
10/15/15TNF Arizona / Saints Discussion ct424216
10/12/15Enjoying my month offDavidGurney1
10/07/15Donald has a real chance of becomin...don juan32
10/06/15Will Keuchel start for Astros on Tu...CountCrisco9
10/05/15Final Jeopardy answer:Because bulle...DavidGurney2
10/05/15Now I get to be just a fanDavidGurney2
10/03/15What's the holdup on the Yankees-O'...DavidGurney2
10/02/15Which games you think will maybe fi...Kaname4844
10/02/15If Walker and Kasich really wanted ...DavidGurney1
10/02/15The hot trendDavidGurney3
10/01/15Reluctantly,the NationalsDavidGurney6
10/01/15Think this Mets-Phillies game is bo...DavidGurney1
09/30/15I'm trying to do a PARLAY ...RICH201517
09/30/15What's with all the postponed games...W0LF7
09/30/15Can't the Mariners find a pitcher?DavidGurney1
09/30/155.5 o/u for Dodgers-GiantsDavidGurney7
09/29/15Mets - Is there a better 2H team th...iConsciousness12
09/29/15So is the Cubs game gonna be postpo...crh112895
09/29/15Yankees 10k winsagroirish13
09/29/15Where are all of the Yankee fans al...Alomar12
09/27/15Phillies cash in on Count FiveDavidGurney1
09/25/15Yankees are the Nats of the America...3
09/25/15Phillies win runs bounce back angle...DavidGurney1
09/24/15Anybody believe Kershaw will lose t...lajohn26
09/24/15Does anyonbe else get irritated by ...Rostos10
09/24/15RIP YOGI BERRAThe Hawk17
09/18/152015 MLB YTD RECORD: 119-1...DDH42097
09/15/15Rutgers suspends Caroo indefinitelyBWS779
09/14/15I haven't posted a game in four mon...scalabrine95
09/14/15To those who listened to me about t...johnnyfry18
09/13/15Maybe underdogs are the way to goDavidGurney5
09/13/15All big capers suck28
09/13/15Everyone watching football? No thre...Stryc9Nine6
09/12/15Baltimore City Government Should Re...Killer_B121
09/10/15Royals fall in rubbergameDavidGurney1
09/10/15Now we know what Earl Warr...DavidGurney1
09/10/158-0 streak documented on coversVegasTopTeam27
09/09/15Though I'm against the tre...DavidGurney4
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