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12/02/16Justice Dept. sues NJ township for ...zelo1237
12/01/16Presidential Electionvanzack998
12/01/16Picture PerfectDavidGurney1
12/01/16This is hard to believeDavidGurney3
11/30/16Wow Clippers davemsh14
11/18/16Another quick angle from 2016DavidGurney1
11/14/16New York Jets vs Bengals 2nd half ...sunset9
11/13/16Michiga/Iowa thoughts needed 25
11/12/16bye bye clemsjhtttflatron1233
11/05/16Rutgers +14DavidGurney4
11/04/16I did not post cuz all people do is...Lostbyahook1216
10/22/16OHIO and Minnesota Parlay...Any Tho...rjk2814
10/14/16Nats with a rested Scherzer ONLY -$...barneybeans29
10/14/16Just dropping in to say helloDavidGurney5
10/13/1673 per cent favor Illinois on the r...DavidGurney3
09/24/16What the wise guys don't know about...DavidGurney7
09/21/16Yanks run angle to 17-2,ytd.DavidGurney3
09/09/16Just had to drop in hereDavidGurney3
09/01/16No more picks for this yearDavidGurney3
08/22/16Big on MetsMoneyBags4024
08/21/16Consider this stat in the Brewers f...DavidGurney6
08/21/16Blame it on Rio!DavidGurney2
08/20/16can someone explain please?dangimgd15
08/20/16According to LukeDavidGurney3
08/20/162 home and 2 road teams all off los...98ITR3
08/19/16Will the Giants blackjack the Mets ...DavidGurney6
08/19/162 Umpires Today w/ 70% or greater O...dodgerblue8813
08/18/16Will Dylan morph into Al Bundy toni...DavidGurney7
08/18/16Los Angeles at Philadelphi...Covers11
08/13/16Mets on SaturdayDavidGurney3
08/11/16I just got an e-mail from Senator L...DavidGurney2
08/10/16When will Monmouth Park run its las...DavidGurney3
08/09/16Indians push crazy angle to 12-3DavidGurney1
08/09/16I finally calmed downDavidGurney2
08/06/16Cubs minus 2.5 runsDavidGurney9
08/06/16Grand Slam for new angle I'm resear...DavidGurney1
08/03/16so no one thinks Dbacks can win tod...Cantiflas2317
08/02/16Yanks,Royals run record to 12-5DavidGurney2
08/01/16Baltimore City Government Should Re...Killer_B139
07/24/16Missouri Misery tonight?DavidGurney5
07/23/16This is one crazy play-and much mor...DavidGurney2
07/20/16Farthest apart AL teams win todayDavidGurney2
07/17/16Two of top three angles go 2-0 las...DavidGurney8
07/14/16What the families of the 5 police o...DavidGurney8
07/14/16Has Hillary gotten an Eiffel of thi...DavidGurney1
07/13/16July 13,1966-Who cares about gun co...DavidGurney4
07/13/16Clinton +22 pt lead among college e...Inyourlife1611
07/10/16Playing the Umps: System Suggestio...Last2thirst14
07/07/16Oswald and Ruby didn't do itDavidGurney1
07/07/16Miller time in the desert?Tears for...DavidGurney5
07/05/16Trump was right:Comey don't play da...DavidGurney7
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