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01/20/17NHL 2016Polar_Bear549
01/20/17Thirsty Thursday puck picks. shimmersun3
01/20/17IN GAME THREAD THURSDAY 1-...StarsFan67100
01/20/17Colorado at Anaheim (01/19/2017)Covers11
01/20/17Pittsburgh at Carolina (01/20/2017)Covers3
01/19/17THUR PICKSwingshockey5
01/19/17Washington at St. Louis (0...Covers7
01/19/17Thursday Pickvicb8
01/19/17New York at Toronto (01/19...Covers9
01/19/17Thirsty Thursday PlaysPickNSix5
01/19/17*** THURS. NHL ***badlands4
01/19/17January Puck PlaysBWS7755
01/18/17Habs getting lottsa luv & poundedX-Files27
01/17/17Monday Picksvicb11
01/12/17Well they sure aren't Marty McSorel...GASportsDoc4
01/12/17Jan 11th. Been following the site b...RussianRocket118
01/12/17Wednesday Pickvicb20
01/12/17The Winnipeg JetsDangerbay23
01/10/17<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< ALL IN...fab1477
01/10/17Monday Pickvicb15
01/09/17L A KingsDangerbay1
01/07/17Q: Who is the hottest team in the ...BWS777
01/05/17Thursday PicksDangerbay9
01/05/17The most wonderful time of the year...dcp198589
01/04/17Anaheim at home tonightCantiflas239
01/04/17Winnipeg at Florida (01/04/2017)Covers5
01/04/17Wednesday PicksDangerbay12
01/04/17easy money out tonight 4
01/04/17Mozay Mo $$ Picks2
01/04/17$$$$$ Tuesday In-Game...BWS77125
01/03/17Best Dog on the board today?CreamCaramel10
01/03/17Tuesday PickGASportsDoc10
01/01/17Flyers +134 and +1/2 -123Dangerbay6
01/01/17Weeble's Sunday Picksweeble56726
01/01/17Jackets vs Wild in game thread..?puckinghockey3
01/01/17SALAMI RECORD FOR DECEMBER...bertski55
12/31/16December Puck PlaysBWS77129
12/29/16Hey HOG_WILDDangerbay4
12/24/16In-game for Friday Coin8661
12/23/16Going to Flames game tonight.....Ad...Trippinface12
12/23/16++++++Thursday HO HO HO In...GASportsDoc105
12/23/16Hog Wild Thursday Hog_Wild18
12/22/16Thursday Picksvicb8
12/21/16Tuesday NHL in-game threadSpex141
12/20/16Tuesday Picksvicb6
12/20/16Tuesday PicksDangerbay5
12/20/16Hog Wild MondayHog_Wild17
12/20/16Where's the In-Game thread????????Coin86170
12/20/16Monday Picksvicb6
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