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10/25/14Just bet half the rest of my year&#...18
08/23/14Boston Backersbimmershop14
08/22/14MLB Madness 9-2 this weekHawaii4611
08/21/14it blows my mind a dh needs a day o...badlands15
08/21/14Bob's MLB Thursday *** 8.2...BirdsOnBat22
06/28/14Bovada is down8
06/01/14Dear God.... here comes Heath BellDJM5226388
04/23/14Huge Card .....Time for some CoinRutgerRot21414
04/09/14Jeremy Lynn worst player in the NBARandyResort21
04/07/14Looking for the worst bad beats in ...Covers-Team236
04/05/14Shabazz over 18?contractkilla6
03/20/14Betting my whole bankroll tonight a...ForkemASU31
03/20/14Illinois -2.5 @ Boston U are you ki...118
03/19/14Which game to parlay with Illinois ...DWade97
03/19/14Xavier is bad10
03/16/14Dr Toaster (6-1) (+79 DIME...DrToaster27
03/15/14Coming back after 2 Weeks off5
03/15/14Undefeated this year! 7-0 YTDirish2202250
03/14/14Pittsburgh ventMarloStanfield123
03/14/14Lou-7 2Habarr8
03/14/14refs just cost dayton payne0348
03/14/14LOL @ Nebraska +5 2h...AStefani34
03/14/14How Bad is NCAABmidnightrider453
03/04/14Bet Valpo -10.5 & 1HForkemASU14
03/04/14ALL-in 2H IOWA ST +1.5LCD3
03/04/141H Kansas St +5James358
03/03/14LOUIS IV's MONDAY NIGHT HO...Louis_IV17
02/28/14strong picks and locksRaulito13617
02/26/14Looking to create a fun, safe ML Pa...Mdpharm239
02/26/14ND -7???TheNaz133
02/26/14Triple Duper Super TRIPLE...THE_SHOW11
02/25/14largest play to datepederson1618
02/25/14Largest bet of my life....RonBurgundy80856
02/20/14UCF rushes the court tonight?35
02/20/14BOSTON COLLEGE MONEYLINE Milkmoney6732
02/19/14Ohio state 1st half over 53.54
02/19/14Tony Two Times College Bball Locks!5
02/19/14Anyone else took BUTTler???CHANGCHANG9
02/19/14How serious is Wyoming Larry Nance'...strippersnbens3
02/19/14Duke 2h anyone?takeaseatvegas14
02/13/14best bet from the best baby dilaudid831
02/13/14Anyone like the Mich St 1H -8.5?yoshi858
02/12/1425 unit Bombjillsm726
02/12/14Please leave Umass out of the big d...strippersnbens14
02/12/14Vegas is fixed6
02/12/14IS VEGAS SERIOUS WITH THE ...jbdonuts112
02/11/14Is Florida Playing the SeaHawks at ...jbdonuts18
02/11/14TENN going big!!! (2 others as wel...MotorCityMitty11
02/08/14A FewJFen3127
02/07/14UConn is terrible11
02/06/14Connecticut vs. CincinnatiAlien-19
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