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08/17/14I love you CollmenterYaboy9223
08/17/14I can destroy the books betting MLB...Cappernicking116
08/12/14RTB - AUGUST 12RTB1232
08/09/14***The Sharpest MMA Bettor...MMASharpMind11
08/03/14Pospisil Vs Raonic Discussion Threa...CaseyAffleck11
08/02/14Saturday 1 play11
07/29/14Tuesday Tennis Picks(First time Pos...aldeniro10
07/29/14MONDAY HELPFUL FACTS/BIG P...CapperUni14
07/28/14((( CFL WEEK 5 )))44-dimes17
07/27/14MERCURY GAME 1Q PLAY, THOU...CapperUni6
07/26/14CFL OTT @ HAM 2nd HalfCFLChef12
07/26/14Soccer Saturday: July 26th Capper U...CapperUni6
07/26/14Capper University: WNBA Total PlayCapperUni4
07/26/14CFL WPG @ BC 2nd HalfCFLChef9
07/25/14New Member checking in. Lets all ma...151
07/25/14Capper University: First Inning Pro...CapperUni8
07/23/14Strong Team Total: Wednesday 7/23/1...CapperUni4
07/23/14Toronto is getting very little reco...searchwarrant7
07/23/14Strong WNBA play: Tuesday:...CapperUni6
07/23/14My Tuesday Night Plays, Big NightHick19567
07/23/147 Reasons To Take the Nationals TT ...ap12moni13
07/22/14The One Winner A Day ClubSuper_Camel38
07/22/147/21 Picks, 5-0 yesterdayZeets52313
07/22/14Monday Bases HUGE ParlayCapperUni3
07/22/14CUPOD 7/21: CapperUni7
07/20/14SUNDAY PAY DAY17
07/16/147/16/14 MMA pick...2014 YT...islanderzfan153
07/13/14bet bet from the best babydilaudid8508
07/12/14Has anyone made any money betting o...SportsMavin12767
07/12/14CFL OTT @ EDM 2nd halfCFLChef7
07/12/14CFL PICKS9
07/07/14Sunday MLB...10
07/03/14Mission possible...goal tonight $5...7
07/01/14Sharapova vs Kerber??RodWoman4
06/29/14CFL HAM @ SSK 2nd HalfCFLChef12
06/28/14I am back from VacationPicksbypete48
06/28/1413-2 last 15 betsCheckMate2226
06/24/14Reyes, you are garbageCoverMyLosses1
06/22/14Best Total Score Play of the Evenin...Alan_Watts7
06/21/14roll with 100.00 to start max. in a...jo140145
06/18/1436-17 ytd huge insider plays!25
06/17/1445-23 so far in MLB (Tuesday's wage...IQ1413
06/17/14Azon vs Brew Crew over 8 1/24
06/16/14games that look funny todaynarco1218
06/16/14NBA season long threadcollegegambler371
06/15/14Blue Jays & ORioles over 937
06/10/14Ricky Bobby: " If you don't like th...ap12moni9
06/10/14YTD. 17-4 HUGE INSIDE INFO...48
06/08/14Mariners vs. Rays @ 1:40PM, back to...ap12moni16
06/08/1414-5 start to MLB seasonIQ1416
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