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04/18/17Update on Apache Mjcmhou1275
04/17/17Asking for acceptanceProtoStar630
03/14/17Rest in Peace Dadkuddish87
01/19/17Remember when Covers was awesome?TRAIN69134
01/09/17New Emoticonsjmw59101
10/22/16Baked Potatoes?FriedShrimp27
10/09/16I came in a girls behind for the fi...guggs19337
10/01/16BATOR please read...michaelpaul11155
06/26/16weed in your checked luggage on dom...BURG2VEGAS31
03/28/16Typical "Which girl should I pick?"...dj_destroyer63
03/21/16Eatin' ButtholeSpitfire15199
12/19/14Chinese Foodbizkilla37
12/02/14sea foodorion27
11/27/14If you were going to the electric c...scalabrine46
11/17/14Happy Birthday Apachehusker697429
09/10/14Interesting PizzaStiln15
08/08/14If Hamas just stopped firing rocket...nflcapperletsgo102
08/04/14What type of food is healthy for ou...orion22
07/27/14Tuna fish sammich recipes?searchwarrant55
07/16/14If I were young and single...jasonwhitesknee30
07/07/14Your most disliked College or Unive...Coloneljim37
07/03/14Its true what they say about countr...SteelCash18
06/23/14You are a joke if you eat turkeyscalabrine96
06/10/14Spicy Mustardcrushalot229
05/26/14Light beersearchwarrant22
05/15/14Christianity continued....EX4life257
04/21/14Why did Kurt Cobain commit suicide?strippersnbens26
03/11/14Indian Food RestaurantRomita17
03/02/14Phrases and words that must really ...SportsFan969843
03/01/14Worst decision you ever made in lif...TheGoldenGoose61
02/13/14Why would Aliens make contact?Randisist30
01/20/14Niners to win the Super Bowlscalabrine6
01/17/14Which Three African-Americans Do Yo...luckbythetruck59
01/16/14The next 3 will be Rockdog60
01/15/14Report: Billy Mays has Diedwebba100
01/15/1410 biggest d-bags in TV news agree ...CountNo_Account32
01/03/14Who is a safer country to live in.....strippersnbens20
12/24/13Cell phone jammer vigilante silence...JEFFMARKETCAP28
12/16/13Nelson Mandela passed away todaywallstreetcappers30
12/11/13Andre JohnsonClubDirt8
12/10/13Nelson Mandela Dead at 95CountNo_Account16
12/01/13Anybody ever been to Federal Prison...264
11/05/13Are you like me and LOVE f...daytradernation27
11/05/13Need an obscure sport...alangrrbs38
11/04/13My dog just diedckattar845
11/03/13Colon Cancer is backApacheM118
11/03/13If you love your dog, then STOP buy...TheGoldenGoose20
11/03/13According to religious folk, what e...searchwarrant451
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