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02/26/15Help in the Soccer ForumELDubarino39
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02/25/15WEDNESDAY IN GAME THREADbenhogan76106
02/25/15Serious Streak Survivor Strategiessmoothd2012913
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02/13/15Tiger Will Not Win Another MajorVegasVeteran362
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02/09/15What Are You Doing Today (First Sun...slamspurs20
02/05/15Friday Jan 16franz55518
02/03/15TUESDAY 2/3/15 IN GAME THR...jimc091193
02/03/15soccer forumColts033
01/26/15what is the most you have ever lost...MoneyShot100
01/24/15SATURDAY 01/24/15p_66229
01/24/15Wednesday 01/21/15p_66169
01/21/15Cockroaches shoot and kill 1 year ...crod1980122
01/17/15SATURDAY 01/17/15p_66229
01/17/15Friday futbolszpak2810
01/17/15Friday 01/16/15p_6693
01/16/15DIE BORDEAUXQuone3
01/16/15Friday 1/16PeterBlack11
01/16/15FRI Jan 16th PicksDiamondJack19
01/16/15Greek TeamIlies4
01/15/15THURSDAY 1/15/15 IN GAME T...jimc091188
01/15/15*** THURSDAY SOCCER ***badlands19
01/15/15Betting question.MikeyBotz3
01/14/15Wednesday 01/14/15p_66183
01/14/15TUESDAY 01/13/15p_6678
01/12/15MONDAY 01/12/15p_66103
01/11/15SUNDAY 01/11/14p_66275
01/11/15****** Colt/Den Ingame Thr...SirBruce293
01/11/15PART DEUXp_66331
01/10/15FRIDAY 01/09/15p_66171
12/19/14FRIDAY 12/19/14p_66121
12/08/14***CPL SEASON 10 COMING SO...DiamondJack47
12/08/14BATOR please read...michaelpaul11166
12/04/14CPL SEASON 9 FINAL STANDIN...DiamondJack9
11/28/14Happy Thanksgiving Futbol 11/277
11/27/14THURSDAY 11/27/14p_66248
11/23/14CPL Season 9 Round 18 Seym...DiamondJack14
11/16/14CPL Season 9 Round 17 Colts03 @ Dia...DiamondJack18
11/14/14THURSDAY 11/13/14p_66218
11/09/14CPL Season 9 Round 16 Zizkov @ Colt...DiamondJack15
11/08/14FRIDAY 11/07/14p_66242
11/04/14TUESDAY 11/04/14p_66231
11/02/14CPL Season 9 Round 15 Colts03 @ Hap...DiamondJack17
10/31/14THURSDAY 10/30/14p_66229
10/30/14MLS 5dimes mistake?ExAreSee5
10/27/14CPL Season 9 Round 14 Billyloco @ C...DiamondJack16
10/23/1410/22 Champions League quasi Ingame...Barbarossa216
10/22/14*** WED. SOCCER ***badlands23
10/18/14CPL Season 9 Round 13 Colt...DiamondJack13
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