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11/30/15Why in the world you kick a fg at 2...dannylhuynh12
11/29/15Is Stanford's coach an idiot?CountCrisco27
11/26/15Happy Thanksgiving LVTruck19
11/26/15Should Philly's management take tha...ClubDirt5
11/25/15The first majority Muslim US city.BostonKen8
11/24/15I was able to procure the Patriots ...BlackCannons10
11/24/15Horrible Officiatingbpcuno10
11/24/15Why not Throw the ball therebomber010411
11/23/15Pats -150 to win AFC EAST??MoneyShot22
11/22/15Why are Cowboys a slight favorite ...OddShaad12
11/22/15Some Early Havocidle_havoc6
11/22/15Haven't been paying much attention ...ClubDirt7
11/21/15Here is what the Democrats have to ...SarasotaSlim90
11/20/15Worst Bad Beat Ever?gshaffer9
11/19/15*** THURS. NHL ***badlands7
11/16/15Losing aint fun.vanzack75
11/16/15Refs just took 2 point away from AZ...ClubDirt16
11/15/15Lets Cause Some Havocidle_havoc4
11/13/15So Democrats = Socialists now right...rick311769
11/10/15anyone made the move from usa to eu...EuroPro30
11/09/15Those 5 fee yards Philly gave Dalla...ClubDirt4
11/08/15Political Humor Threadcanovsp159
11/08/15--MICHIGAN ST vs NEBRASKA-...mikeru359
11/03/15Here come he colts babybpickin18
11/01/15$$$*** DAVIDN WEEK #9 COLL...DAVIDN48
11/01/15Nike commercialClubDirt6
11/01/15miami ending unreal!!!!!!buffer29
11/01/15Minnesota clock managementClubDirt10
10/30/15World Cup 2014arkadymo81
10/30/15I went to an anti-legalization meet...SteelCash25
10/29/15*** THURS. NHL ***badlands5
10/29/15Rubio the choice of Vegas?djbrow5
10/29/15What are your favorite 'bad' movies...BWS77119
10/28/15The WireGolazo17
10/27/15This game would be over nowClubDirt6
10/26/15Monday Night Havocidle_havoc10
10/25/15Anyone know what the Jets are doing...ClubDirt8
10/23/15Obama Vetoes Defense Bill to Protec...zelo1236
10/23/15Paul Ryan -- Speaker of the housemattbrot5
10/22/15Democratic debateMoneySRH26
10/21/15Back pain relief by self adjustmentnature197016
10/17/15BATOR please read...michaelpaul11168
10/16/15Bautista Bat Flipbigslickk23
10/15/15It is time to compromise. I agree ...rick311745
10/11/15Pettine is an idiotClubDirt3
10/08/15Here we go again...olinz14
10/08/15 8 classic Doctor Who episodes on B...LeRinkRat15
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