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11/28/14Herman Cain's campaign concealed g...dl3628
11/27/14Rightwingers talking about scienceClubDirt15
11/27/14Pot PlaysStiflersMom728
11/27/14Happy Thanksgiving to all the corpo...cd32944
11/27/14What is wrong with Ryan and the rep...cd32950
11/27/14The Covert Origins of ISISI_Need_A_Detox37
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11/26/14Foxnews DiseaseClubDirt128
11/26/14It's Ironic the Governor is asking ...miami200659
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11/26/14"EVERYONE TO YOUR LOOTING ...HighScore82
11/26/14Stretch Hummers. A bloody brawl. An...ilsp200390
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11/26/14Obamacare guru: Obama himself plott...zelo123105
11/25/14Follow My Logic Herecanovsp92
11/25/14Republican nominee for 2016 - Ben C...scalabrine40
11/25/14Benghazi I_Need_A_Detox23
11/24/14Rand Paul on Real Time with Bill Ma...Danrules24117
11/24/14Republicans and ISIS I_Need_A_Detox113
11/23/14ODELL BECKHAM JR - + 5 ActionMagnet9
11/23/14Incoming Texas Governor knows just ...zelo12344
11/21/14Dudes are straight celebrating whil...Carpinteria7
11/19/14Fox & Friends has a message....BWS7736
11/19/14They make it too easy.....BWS7717
11/19/14Sounds like Blount has a bad attitu...ClubDirt13
11/18/14Can 1 or 2 defensive players make s...nflkicker176
11/17/14OMFG?? The Country Finally Gets a C...Crusher13111
11/17/14Interstellar getting incredible buz...scalabrine13
11/17/14Solving the voter ID dilemma bettingforfun33
11/17/14i like the colts style..PoeticJustice7
11/16/14Time to seal off Africa...TILTOLOGIC50
11/16/14just release Griffinbomber010463
11/15/14Jonathan Grubercanovsp29
11/14/14war on ISIS gets a name eeyore767
11/14/14Buffalo declines Miami's delay of g...ClubDirt2
11/13/14Obama and Net Neutralityrick311711
11/13/14Update on Apache Mjcmhou1275
11/12/14Border Patrol agents say agency’s g...zelo1232
11/12/14Charlie Crist becomes a Democrat.don juan21
11/12/14Civil Forfeiture laws must be refor...bowlslit19
11/11/14*** MONDAY NFL ***badlands12
11/10/1475% panthers Oline.. 25% newtonJailbait71276
11/10/14Cam's Offensive LineClubDirt4
11/10/14 ABC News Meet Ben Carson: First Re...zelo12316
11/10/14Our government brought Ebola to the...TRAIN6940
11/09/14utah 1h +6.5 Ganjaa13
11/08/14*** SAT. NIGHT NCAAF ***badlands8
11/08/14Refs on top of their game in AuburnClubDirt2
11/06/14Ron Paul's tweet Tuesday evening: I_Need_A_Detox21
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