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01/23/17The problem with Trump "haters"TRAIN6952
01/23/17Need help with HBOKurshka22
01/23/17spicer press conference - are you s...mattbrot50
01/23/17Career Builder picksalangrrbs24
01/23/17Someone should tell McCarthyClubDirt17
01/22/17NFC game plays8
01/22/17NFL Playoff Thread 2017....vanzack55
01/22/1770 democrats boycotted today.......SCDOG35
01/22/17What is the worst officiated sport ...swanbomb12
01/21/17Russia and the popular voteMoneySRH13
01/20/17car bombnature197010
01/20/17Betsy DeVos28
01/20/17Trump Inauguration Musiccave070736
01/20/17If you bet on Hillary, you should b...bigvern1013208
01/19/17Not sure when NFL teams are going t...vanzack59
01/19/17its here the last day of Obamas pre...nature19709
01/19/17Better Call Saul Season 2 (AMC)searchwarrant17
01/18/17DNC was so concerned about Russian ...TILTOLOGIC64
01/17/17thank him at some pointHoyasaxa30
01/15/17This will be interesting to see if ...ClubDirt15
01/15/17Can someone teach these two idiots ...ClubDirt11
01/14/17Chicago & Baltimore PDKiller_B8
01/13/17Obamacare - a HEALTHy discussionalangrrbs31
01/13/17Very good Canadian movieClubDirt1
01/13/17Anyone seen this show Quarry on Cin...ClubDirt7
01/13/17Sony Open picksalangrrbs25
01/12/172020 US Presidential Odds: Trump +1...TheFootball7713
01/12/17Bama should have tackled the receiv...vanzack57
01/11/17Most Depraved Crime I've Ever Heard...Killer_B13
01/11/17Donald Trump's Gettysburgh speech a...ilsp200365
01/10/17Twitter stock soarsnature197018
01/09/17Obama’s War on Law Enforcement Resu...zelo1238
01/09/17SBS Pickalangrrbs14
01/08/17President Obama Is Handing a Strong...ilsp200341
01/07/17Best Scorcese Mafia Moviescsiegel8925
01/06/17'Refugee' named Mohamed sexually as...zelo12316
01/03/17Anyone want to laugh when you see M...spocsstocks12
01/02/17Penn St in 2017BWS7716
01/01/17New Year Starting With Some Havocidle_havoc4
01/01/17Buffalo really came out to play for...ClubDirt1
01/01/17Derrick HenryHabsHater886
12/31/16Lion's Riddick on IR.5
12/31/16Alabama playcallingJerseyboy8921
12/31/16NFL Games I am on on Sunday...vanzack63
12/31/16$$$*** DAVIDN NCAAF BOWLS ...DAVIDN184
12/30/16Movies you saw in August 2016LeRinkRat16
12/27/16KC @ SD PLAYswanbomb7
12/27/16Not sure what Dallas is doingClubDirt29
12/27/16Happy Festivus !dytide13
12/25/16Rex Ryan playing for the tie which ...ClubDirt28
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