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03/14/15Fav Band of the 90'sjmw5987
03/07/15How can Tom Brady be considered the...Mack0586
02/06/15Patriots are CheatersFinJerry28
02/04/15Richard Shermanchaloots55
02/02/15Will Wilson now thank God?Please-Cover19
02/01/15halftime show........Alien-114
01/31/15Yo GoldenGooseKurshka31
01/30/15SmarterThanYou wtf with blankpostsjamesxnj18
01/26/15Bellicheck going to bat for his tea...smallwagaaman38
01/25/15Bellicheat should be suspended for ...ILPRATO22
01/23/15Belichick fires ball boyBluefin8
01/23/15Is it even possible to disqualify N...10
01/21/15advice needed... Bovada cash out6
01/19/15Seattle New England Vegas tells us ...MYSTICRICH144
01/19/15With the new OT rules,Packer 8.5 ta...DavidGurney25
01/18/15andrew luck? never heard of him.tobby40120
01/18/15Favorite Instrumentals-Clutch71
01/11/15Tom Brady - The Choke Artistdopeman42
01/10/15Steve Stevens "Absolute blowout win...CheckMate2279
01/06/15 The Raid 2 (2014) zelo1233
01/05/15Is it worth it to buy a service?JermTheWorm4
12/31/14***MARYLAND +14.5*** 2K...THEWISEGUYS57
12/22/14Selling on Ebay, Bad MistakeTheDrizzle7731
12/22/14Nebraska & Oklahoma file suit again...SteelCash13
12/20/14What's your favorite California ban...strippersnbens27
12/16/14Need some help, Fellas. Survivor Po...aleem1554
12/15/14I tried to save you all from Atlant...NYG4rings6
12/10/14CUBS SIGN JON LESTERTheGoldenGoose14
12/06/14My Duck Under and NIU Over looking ...poppingbands174
12/01/14If I gave you three guaranteed winn...FiatLux426
11/30/14Ray Rice wins suspension. Eligible ...VGPOP23
11/29/14CPV Advertisement on Cover...bubbakatz4
11/28/14Too fellow bettors14
11/26/14Could somebody please explain the R...SteelCash2
11/22/14COVERS slow as helll and getting po...GASportsDoc9
11/21/14Puttin $2000 onthe KC CHIEFS BigBoss8821
11/17/14Keep feeding Gray!!!!CashAddict13
11/15/14Boom Kim kardashian nude33
11/05/14I'm adding on to CAVS ...11
11/04/14Boomer and cartonnc1capper17
11/04/14What should I do with my program?itsonnow177
11/02/14I nailed Fish ML, easiest bet of th...27
11/02/14Movies you saw in OctoberLeRinkRat37
10/31/14I hate how facebook is integrated i...Canada_Chris12
10/14/14I'll give you the holy grail of gam...Lippsman330
10/09/14Bringing 20k cash through security ...Donz7710
10/07/14bovada is the best sportsbook generaldonjuan5
09/28/14Holder commenting on airstrikesRaiders2213
09/20/14Betmagnet - KEEP TRACK OF ...Betmagnet42
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