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05/19/16LMAO @ CUBBIESBling755
03/26/16Nice choke job Ellis BigFrank4202
03/26/16Oregon Backers!BARNUN7
03/26/16Here comes the Oregon run lolThe-Genius14
03/26/16What are the Ducks doing!? BigFrank42010
03/26/16Well, I predicted all favorites wou...jrgumpert18
03/26/16I need Gonzaga butRaider4412
03/26/16Reggie Miller should never announce...BigFrank4206
03/25/16So is Notre Dame going to wake up BigFrank42027
03/19/16IU/Kentucky in-game wagering plays ...dpb12300742
03/19/16Wichita State Shockers.....dpb12300724
03/19/16What a Shocker! Can Witchita come b...Macwestie116
03/19/16Wichita is gassedBigFrank4201
03/19/16Does NCAA have axe to grind with Wi...hunchy8
03/19/16So is Wichita going to make a baske...BigFrank4204
01/10/16Well Minny is forsure covering if n...1
01/09/16*****KC @ Hous in-game thr...SirBruce141
01/09/16Hoyer is a bum33
01/09/162nd and goal lets pass it5
01/09/16Is this game feed choppy for anyone...1
01/03/16How many times is joe buck going to...5
01/03/16Steelers helping build 5 new casino...Win4Ever15
01/03/16The Steelers will choke again1
12/31/15This pro Clemson announcer is annoy...3
12/31/15BAIL OUT PLAY USC -3 USC -...BigKrit16
12/31/15Same ol USC11
12/27/15Big Ben is such a loser11
12/27/15Steelers defense is a joke16
12/26/15Leache is the worst coach i have ev...7
12/26/15any chance miami winsckattar815
12/26/15Leach has no clock management4
12/26/15You can tell washington st is not g...3
12/26/15Leache already showing why he blows3
12/24/15These line moves on day of the bowl...1
12/23/15Hereeee comes NIU12
12/23/15Temple Christmas Miracle Comeback t...Debaser2834
12/22/15That safety will f the spread for t...13
12/22/15Fuck you thunder6
12/20/15Tomlin already being a idiot15
12/19/15Pretty embarrassing officiating in ...1
12/17/15Pos thunder2
12/11/15Thursday Night Football ~~...Bling56
12/06/15That missed extra point by the Pant...2
12/04/15How bout them nets11
11/27/15Green Bay should put Favre in casheasy8
11/14/15Standford vs ducks in game2
11/14/15Does bama even give a sh:t about th...11
11/12/15First down my ass7
11/08/15Packers vs panthers in-game35
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