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11/27/15Green Bay should put Favre in casheasy8
11/14/15Standford vs ducks in game2
11/14/15Does bama even give a sh:t about th...11
11/12/15First down my ass7
11/08/15Packers vs panthers in-game35
11/07/15TCU exposed1
11/02/15Carol is a joke of a coach8
10/29/15Why does Joe Buck get all the main ...22
10/28/15LMAO @ CUBBIESBling739
10/27/15--RAVENS vs CARDINALS-IN G...mikeru3454
10/25/15--COWBOYS vs GIANTS--IN GA...mikeru375
10/25/15Chuck Pagano needs to be fired6
10/24/15FSU Come on! lucky80815
10/24/15Alrighty then sooners10
10/24/15Holy fkkkk razorbacks coverd6
10/24/15Fu razorbacks5
10/24/15UMP really wanted this game to end2
10/24/15That hail mary means tulsa covers25
10/20/15NYG @ PHI ***** IN-GAME***...SirBruce138
10/20/15Bradford is a back up not a starter6
10/19/15This is the ugliest game i have eve...1
10/19/15Philly players are just stupid1
10/19/15Well that was easy for the giants3
10/17/15I hate joe buck12
10/17/15Never fails with Michigan1
10/17/15Can this baylor game just fucking e...6
10/17/15Disgusting how many passes baylor a...1
10/17/15UNLV in on the fix7
10/16/15--UCLA vs STANFORD--IN GAM...mikeru356
10/16/15These refs1
10/16/15UCLA blows haha2
10/15/15You can tell how this auburn game g...2
10/15/15Please help12
10/13/15Yeah steelers won but what a awful ...22
10/12/15royals vs astros pre-game chat For_The_Books18
10/12/15I get a real kick out of watching t...15
10/12/15Ventura fkin blows win or lose 10
06/08/15*** LeBron James appreciation threa...hustle_man338
09/20/14Green Bay @ Seattleandarmac9981
09/08/14Rain Man Picks for NFL Week 1Rain_Man45
09/08/14FU.CK YOU DENVERMonstarsInYoGrill29
09/08/14Eating crap i selected the wrong te...Ham338115
09/07/14Refs have been Sh!t all day BigFrank4202
09/06/14Irish QB lolzBigFrank4202
09/06/14USC you have them down on the ropes...BigFrank4201
09/06/14HOOK'EM NFL WEEK 125
09/05/14Packers/Seahawks Live In-Game Threa...PapaShango131
09/05/14Packers cover the spread rally thre...BigFrank4207
09/04/14Rodgers is terrified of Sherman..ha...BigFrank4203
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