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02/16/152012 Kempom SystemKineProfessor1966
02/02/152015 NFL playoff thread...vanzack268
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12/16/14LVH Week 15 Master Threadrudy2261
12/16/14CrazyMilkMan's NBA Monday13
12/16/14Bucks win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...its_1999_my5
12/16/14Damnit Suns...Tanttii16
12/14/14*** SUNDAY NFL ***badlands10
12/11/14TEASER HELP10
12/09/14LVH Week 14 Master Threadrudy2258
12/02/14CrazyMilkMan's NBA TuesdayCrazyMilkMan19
11/30/14Week 13 teasers 7-9, -4.7 (Post you...Lippsman19
11/25/14LVH Week 12 Master Threadrudy2266
11/24/14_______Ct's houston monday...canadiantruth3
11/24/14Week 12 teasers 6-7, -3.5 (Post you...Lippsman11
11/23/14There's a Statement Game this weekandarmac9930
11/23/14CARDINALS BIGTimmzey19
11/21/14CofC +8.5 willcowan9
11/21/142h C of CLeftyRosenfeld10
11/15/14Is there a 5dimes payout method tha...JRodgers1136
11/14/14CrazyMilkMan's NBA ThursdayCrazyMilkMan30
11/12/14LVH Week 10 Master Threadrudy2263
11/11/14Monday Night in the NBA..B...45
11/10/14WRITE-UP! The biggest revenge game ...scalabrine98
11/09/14Pit+ATL backers threadits_1999_my2
11/04/14LVH WEEK 9 MASTER THREADrudy22104
11/02/14Week 9 teasers 5-4 -.6 (Post yours ...Lippsman10
10/28/14LVH Week 8 Master Thread...vanzack111
10/28/14Week 8 funtime 2nd half wagers !!!Lippsman40
10/26/14Week 8 teasers 4-3 -.5 (Post yours ...Lippsman6
10/23/14LVH Week 7 Master Thread...vanzack135
10/13/14NCAA wk 7MEGALOCKS197
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10/10/14Bitcoins for gambling....vanzack301
09/29/14Andy Reiddawkins208
09/28/14Teasing thru 0Natty685
09/21/14NFL Week 3 TRoe1513
09/19/14Auburn @ Kansas STBoom_Boom105
09/19/14MICE Thurs Auburn-KSUWhiteMice13
09/19/14F u c k this garbage Svern00210
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