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01/10/12No Hate...Honest Question, what was...Badboyz85
01/08/12Mike Smithjmb950
01/08/12mike smith gonejayson769
01/08/12Giants Run Up The ScoreBadboyz82
01/02/12oregon/wisconsin under 37.5 1h big...hello315
01/02/ under 28 1h playhello34
01/01/12auburn/virginia over 27.5 2h playhello311
12/31/11Saturday in game threadCowboys00021206
12/30/11!!!!!!!!!! NBA Thursday S...Kc_A23
12/29/11Jim "Dumbo" Fisher........Tizman7
12/29/11!!!!!!!!!! NBA Wednesday S...Kc_A44
12/28/11Washington at Atlanta (12/28/2011)Covers4
12/26/11SATURDAY NFL SHARPS$$$$$$$...poolman1192
12/25/11Green Bay LVTruck18
12/25/11Too Much Wacky WeedBadboyz84
12/24/11New England Game TotalCAP-IT4
12/24/11Buffalo Missed Two FGBadboyz85
12/24/11buffalo kickerNOboy19
12/23/11Providence at Rhode Island...Covers9
12/18/11Giants Have Two QuarterbacksBadboyz813
12/17/11NCAA SATURDAY SHARPS$$$$$$...poolman1123
12/16/1112/16 FRIDAY PLAYtmpeus7827
12/15/1112/16 THURSDAY PLAYStmpeus7828
12/14/1112/14 WED PLAYStmpeus7836
12/13/1112/13 TUESDAYtmpeus7851
12/12/11rams/seahawks over 20 1h playhello316
12/12/1112/12 SOCCER PLAYStmpeus7841
12/12/11giants/cowboys over 24.5 2h playhello310
12/11/11giants/cowboys over 24.5 1h playhello314
12/11/11Saints cant help themselves today.....76
12/11/11NFL 12/01-12/05 ATS/Tot/1s...RahstahMan119
12/06/1112/05 NFLHappyKane21
12/05/11sd/jac under 20 1h playhello310
12/05/11Over LasVegasLord78
12/04/11lions/saints over 28 1h playhello314
12/04/11Sunday NFL...phat0327
12/04/11skins +1 1h playhello35
12/04/11CFB Week 14180
12/04/11wis/ over 28 2h playhello39
12/03/11ok/ under 35 1h playhello38
12/03/11Saturday Night College Football...phat032
12/03/11so.miss +7 1h big playhello319
11/28/11giants/saints over 27 1h playhello37
11/27/11*** Colts will want to lose the res...MGM_grnd15
11/27/11Sunday NFL...phat038
11/26/1111/25 NCAAFHappyKane21
11/21/11chung hot sunday night comebac nyg/...39
11/20/11Chung Hot Sunday Week 11 ATL!!!chungnuoc70
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