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01/26/15Patriots vs The Worldtobby40128
01/26/15Super Bowl winner. glyde6932
01/23/15I miss Peyton Manning!!!AnthonyStarks220
01/20/15COLLEGE/NFL 2014/2015MATTYICE2123208
01/18/15Anybody on the over for both games ...MoneyTalks78921
01/18/15I had half of my parlays at Seattle...jrgumpert6
01/13/15What happened to the-genius's threa...hustle_man38
01/11/15If you bet against Aaron Rodgers Pl...Gavinnick13
01/11/15****** Colt/Den Ingame Thr...SirBruce293
01/11/15Is Indy definse suck this bad?Tanttii9
01/11/15ENOUGH BOUT THE CALF MR. ...joetom587
01/11/15I'm probably way off like usual but...165yds33
01/11/15*** Dallas @ GreenBay ***vankiep_000731
01/11/155Dimes Reloadit Payout Methodp6y19
01/11/15ESPN TURNS FLACO GOD(why p...undermysac43
01/11/15I'm guessing New England -8 next we...LockDOGGG8714
01/11/15How mobile is RogersDoodlebop8
01/11/15OVER 47.5 Too easyclark1710
01/11/15What was the live Patriots ML when ...swolesbee20
01/11/15+14½ -130Rookieguru6
01/11/15You all just witnessed Cams best ga...Zman558
01/11/15CAR SEA O/U 40 IS A GIFTtwozerosix16
01/10/15Brady verus Manning ? or can Luck...Gavinnick8
01/10/15car/sea under 20.5 2h playhello36
01/10/15LEGAUES A JOKE AND SO ARE ...happydude9
01/10/15Balt - N.E. 1st O/UBayArea3425
01/08/15There are winners in life and there...scalabrine210
01/04/15My friend is at the game called me ...buddytheelf39
01/04/15I Need Mental Helpwpgjetsfan197455
01/04/15::: Over 46 Rally::: dannylhuynh26
01/04/15*** Steelers vs. Baltimore In-Game...170
01/03/15Ring Ring! "Hello?" "It's the Bama ...scalabrine119
01/03/15NCAAF SATURDAYJJsLocks11
01/03/15*** Kansas State vs. UCLA ...310
01/03/15Wash/Okla St 2Hnguyenaz10
01/03/15Wow 2 pts conversioncomtambi4
01/03/152nd O/U 28BayArea3427
01/03/15TD and 2 point conversiondannylhuynh4
01/03/152nd Half ThoughtsBayArea34213
01/03/152 morning plays in the National Foo...babyraymond4
01/03/15Sometimes its really that Easy….Lakeshow242434
01/02/15Kansas State /UCLA Over backers thr...AnthonyStarks21
01/02/15UCLA vs. Kansas State 2nd...oahu_grown8
01/02/15WHAT A friggin jOKENONEED4LUCK17
01/02/15Ucla under 6116
01/02/15Over 13 1/2 1st BayArea3425
01/02/15*** Alabama vs. Ohio State In-Game...351
01/02/15Almost there over backersrichig7614
01/02/15It's called KARMA Jameis22
01/01/15Bad sportmenship FLorida Stcroyal196430
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