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02/01/12My $2,398 trip to Fenway Park - And...TheGoldenGoose112
04/30/09first of all, Bama beats Fla then t...steett1962
01/09/09New At This.....Bowl Picks N Marginatlgirlfreevick375
12/18/08AF's 2 Large PlaysAirForceWR1914
12/17/08AF's PODAirForceWR1931
12/13/08Steve Spurrier Offered job at Aubur...AirForceWR199
12/13/08AF's Large Play AirForceWR1938
12/11/08AF's One PlayAirForceWR1912
12/10/08AF's 2nd Half Play ... Tex/NovaAirForceWR19112
12/10/08I like this play!Parzero10
12/10/08TOP CAPPER THREAD KEEPING...goallinebob60
12/10/08AF's One Large PlayAirForceWR1926
12/10/08AF's 2nd Half PlaysAirForceWR199
12/09/08AF's Plays for TodayAirForceWR1950
12/09/08$$$NCAAB MON$$Bird433233
12/09/08AF's MNF PlayAirForceWR1927
12/08/08Who can give UNC a game?KABASH26
12/08/08AF's One SelectionAirForceWR1918
12/08/08Who will be favored in the Oklahoma...maumellemichael41
12/08/08AF's Large PlayAirForceWR1933
12/08/082 Large Plays for tonightAirForceWR1943
12/08/08UCLA/CSUN writeupkaponofor337
12/08/08AF's Second Half Lakers/BucksAirForceWR1910
12/07/08AF's Sunday SelectionsAirForceWR1930
12/07/08NEED A 2nd HALF WINNER!!!!...theGREATcapper8
12/07/08Funny Feeling in the Buffalo GameAirForceWR1916
12/07/08AF's Sunday Selections... 4 GOOD on...AirForceWR1918
12/07/08Weather in Green Bay for total play...VGPOP15
12/07/08TWO 50 UNIT PLAYS TODAYscore936
12/07/08BUDDY DOWN $5K and needs a...theGREATcapper26
12/07/08AF's Mizz/Ok WinnerAirForceWR1932
12/07/08AF's Largest Play in College BB so ...AirForceWR1947
12/06/08***Saturday Leans*** Don't..._MoneyMaker_21
12/06/08AF's ParlayAirForceWR193
12/05/08AF's Friday SelectionsAirForceWR1910
12/05/08FRIDAY TOP CAPPER THREADgoallinebob47
12/05/08AF's Friday SelectionsAirForceWR197
12/05/08Things you MUST consider before dec...sulfurboy12
12/05/08THURSDAY,, MEMBERS TO BE T...goallinebob163
12/05/08THURSDAY TOP CAPPER THREAD...goallinebob87
12/04/08AF's Thursday SelectionsAirForceWR1912
12/04/08AF's Wednesday SelectionsAirForceWR1926
12/04/08GENERAL MEMBERSHIP TO BE ...goallinebob194
12/04/08WEDNESDAY TOP CAPPERS THRE...goallinebob44
12/03/08Rhode Island/Northeastern In-GAMEiceveins268
12/03/08Auburn UpdateAirForceWR1919
12/03/08Tommy Tuberville Fireddavmeek3
12/03/08AF's Tuesday SelectionsAirForceWR1941
12/03/08$10000 purdue -2.5 2ndhalfflickingboogers21
12/02/08Bet Jamaica's Monday Night NFL $100...Lou115
12/02/08AF's 2 Cents ... MNF Play ...AirForceWR1969
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