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04/12/17My Bettting Manifesto - long winded...vanzack192
03/19/17$50,000 bet between Teddy and The P...theprez1984
03/11/17Peter falcone arrestedcougarenegade112
12/10/16Presidential Electionvanzack1023
06/22/16See ya covers - Congrats in advance...mgmprofits31
06/20/162016 NBA Champion is the Cleveland
06/10/16Game 4 Fridaytonyrome21
06/03/16Long Time Caller first time listene...BetsForRent38
06/01/16To all good cappers WHO WI...RayRayK18
12/25/15Fargo Season 2vetdrm10
12/02/ basketball pickmax586
11/29/15NFL 1
11/29/15Early Play Large White_Knight42
11/23/15Las Vegas Falcons open up as 2.5 po...Win4Ever8
11/23/15Jamie Collins won't play tonigh...7
11/22/15Week 11 teasers. 7-6 +0.00...Lippsman7
11/21/1511/20 NBAddjf4
11/17/15Brooklyn Nets vs Atlanta Hawksgeorge773
11/17/15Buying 2 points -130Barrry31
11/16/15Losing aint fun.vanzack75
11/16/15All in, 109Kjrgumpert26
11/15/15THE EASIEST PLAY ON THE BO...PoeticJustice38
11/15/15NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS FACTkwinter197217
11/15/15Confused by Covers NFL Community. TheBull1129
11/15/15Three team Parlay4
11/13/15$$$ Long Term Parlay $$$16
11/13/15King Tomo's Thursday NBA Treble, No...kingtomo18
11/12/15***6 Teamer Parlay Of The ...yngswift5
11/11/15Golden State @ Memphis - Thoughts!!dontknowhowtobe17
11/10/15OKC vs Wizards - Total set unusuall...Fields9315
11/10/15$$$Thunder v. Wiz (record 5-2)$$$5
11/09/15NBA SESAON 2nd Half SystemDavidPickem12
11/09/15After my 1000 unit WINNER here is d...BET2WIN412
11/08/15OMG!!!!...A miracle "OVER"...VGPOP19
11/08/15Denver +5PickASide19
11/08/15need a confident and strong cappers...20
11/07/15ACC - Saturday Damon10222
11/07/15NCAA Football Saturday November 7thHOFCity21
11/07/15Ill be on the EAGLES todayAChigurh1
11/07/15Wizards @ CelticsCrazyFrenchman25
11/06/15I'll be on the CELTICS tonight5
11/06/15Wiz/Celts O/U at 211?steelersbets9
11/06/15ND @ Temple thoughts ramboo20
11/06/15Philadelphia at Cleveland (11/06/20...Covers4
11/06/15season 10-7: friday pickKen113
11/06/15wizards a PK against the celtics???...LuckyBowl952
11/04/15CrazyMilkMan's NBA Wednesday32
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