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05/02/16Money TeamRatha113
05/01/16CHA @ MIA - 2nd HalfGamblingSkeptic6
04/30/16Who the F*%ck is Harriet Tubman?78
04/14/16San Fran rally cap !,,,! 9 -6 and N...joe pockets1
04/07/16Would You Vote for a Muslim for Pre...canovsp127
04/06/16RIP DadAshyLarry16
04/06/16Rough start Red Soxbeantownlove10
03/25/16I Want To Make A Post About Donald ...smartapple12389
03/24/16Royals Brewers Score?pe17isbutter697
03/24/16MLB Wins 2016BarneysDad4
03/22/16okay everyone in here, listen up 26
03/14/16growth hormoneKazual127
03/07/16Justice Scalia is gone.searchwarrant14
02/12/16Armed WHITE AMERICAN men take over ...SwishSwish123496
02/07/16Free promo code2
02/04/16next plague zika virusnature197025
02/04/16Are there any negatives joe pockets6
02/01/16Stupid Things Millions of Republica...DogbiteWilliams21
01/27/16Obama's FINAL state of the union ad...SportsFan96987
01/22/16Spike lee & Jade Pickett are boycot...joe pockets11
01/15/16-kc vs patriots love this one-MarkDogg201428
01/12/16Lemmy Kilmister MotorheadTheGoldenGoose11
01/10/16☆☆☆ Boom Boom Boom Time to Shake th...23
01/05/16*** NFL Sunday Ticket *** ...LeagueCapper29
12/26/15Oakland must be the roughest lookin...thecentaur17
12/14/15russia warning shot at turkish fish...nature19708
12/14/15Pre cooked bacon, sausage, ham, and...spocsstocks26
12/14/15******** NE/Hous In-game ...SirBruce122
12/13/15Obama Urges Gun Control and Defends...zelo1239
12/13/15RAYGUN TRICKLE ECONOMICS S...joe pockets1
12/12/15Why hasn't Swain played yet ? The g...joe pockets1
12/12/15Hillary Is An Idiotcanovsp18
12/01/15NCAA wk 13MEGALOCKS526
12/01/152015 Miami Dolphins threadearthWake314
12/01/15*** Week 14 NCAA football ***Boom_Boom68
11/28/15Fla St will make this ugly !joe pockets1
11/27/15Oregon have there hands full with p...joe pockets3
11/26/15Carolina + writeupniceehh6
11/26/154 Teaser 13 PtDanny731682
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