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12/19/14NBA 2014/2015 SeasonSPark1250
12/19/142014 NFL Season Long Threadcollegegambler630
12/19/14*** Nba Thursday SuperPick ***Kc_A26
12/18/14Contemplating the biggest bet of my...124
12/17/14Louie Gs system picks are back 93
12/15/14Copperfield NBA Season Long Thread Copperfield92176
12/06/14Calling all Cappers!!! Capping Spor...3DTV9
12/06/14NewJerseystud YTD: 61-33-2...newjerseystud6
12/04/14CBS Smell the Money Contes...3DTV4
12/04/14WEEK 14 $500 TO WIN $6000 ...LuckyBowl9511
11/25/14Thank you covers cappers for your i...3DTV1
10/09/14Always bet against the Jags3DTV4
06/12/14Advise on hedging finals bet3DTV4
04/16/14SEMPER/McSHADY UNDERDOGS O...semperfi191144
03/20/14phixer's nflphixer2840
01/25/14European Perspective NBA Picks Thre...KingMidasTouch258
10/31/13**********Smart's GS Warri...SmartInvestor6
08/07/13AussieCapper NBA (Box Score System)AussieCapper1171
11/01/12NBA WednesdayLawsonJames108
11/01/12Sports capping?3DTV9
10/31/12Opening nightLawsonJames124
07/24/12UNDERDOG SYSTEMsemperfi19535
05/20/12((( WNBA SATURDAY )))44-dimes32
03/14/12What happened to this place?3DTV7
02/17/122h over 92.5 ... Go all in14
02/17/12took clippers +925skulkraker38
02/17/12IN-GAME: La Clippers vs Portland Tr...KktdocT233
02/17/12POR/LAC 2Hyangban19
02/16/12NBA Wednesdaysmartbets104
02/16/12Tahoes wed plays 10-2 yest...tahoecapper123
02/16/12I will be on Wizards 2nd HalfLawsonJames22
02/16/12SDSU LINK ?BettingNBA21012
02/15/122nd half plays YTD 56-48-1Umuahia5
02/15/12NBA 2nd half plays YTD 56-45-1Umuahia12
02/09/12NBA Wednesdaysmartbets315
02/08/12CLEVELAND @ MIAMI44-dimes148
02/06/12Saturday NBAsmartbets180
02/04/12Friday Night Livesmartbets102
02/03/12113-75 tonights 4play for you lon...Imakeplays54
02/02/12Sports betting books?3DTV6
02/02/12NBA Wednesdaysmartbets90
02/01/12NBA Tuesday....smartbets211
02/01/12BEST AVAILABLE 2ND HALF KI...seminoles32123
01/31/12Huge Sharp Play NBA!!surebet21
01/26/1291-56 YTD NBA Imakeplays40
01/26/12MINNESOTA @ DALLAS44-dimes97
01/21/12Huge Sharp Play NBA!!surebet47
01/21/12I have a better Jumpshot than RubioImakeplays37
01/21/125 is the number of the day. (75-45 ...Imakeplays20
01/19/12Huge Sharp Play NBA!!surebet43
01/19/1268-42 NBA IMAKEPLAYS HUMP...Imakeplays28
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