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12/04/16NCAAB 2016-2017MRprimeTIME22252
11/26/16PURDUE @ INDIANA: ONE.LAST...scalabrine158
11/17/16Wow bradberry2Team_Parlay4
11/17/16Thoughts On Panthers & Thursday Nig...ChOmP9
11/17/16Memphis players are bunch dirtbag p...The_Extremist18
11/17/16Dr. Al Parlays ChallengeDr-Al5
11/16/16anybody watched the new orleans gam...For_The_Books11
11/15/16Should Dallas EVER Consider Startin...WalterTibbs57
11/14/16Seatttttttyyyyttlllllleeeee babbyyy...bpickin22
11/14/16Sunday Night Mancity29
11/14/16Going to regret this in 3 hours2Team_Parlay46
11/13/16Dak & Zek do it again!!ccbulldog6
11/13/16Dal / Pittkatw3
11/13/16Dallas vs Pitt live in gameJrod668
11/13/16Anyone watching the Last 2 mins. of...Macwestie124
11/13/16end of broncos gameJrod610
11/13/16What's going on with GB ?8
11/13/16Big Play: Cal +17 at WazzuCalBear200927
11/12/16halftime wager ville/wakeMarkDogg20147
11/10/16If Dallas is smartjoebro2415
11/10/162nd half & LIVE plays GSTA...DEL_PIERO55
11/10/16Spurs end of an erabomber01045
11/10/16Tonights Trump NBA Special Play!!!!St2ee25
11/08/16Buffalo/Seattle in-game********kalamus2031
11/08/16RICHARD SHERMAN WITH UNDOU...porcelainfist40
11/05/16The Raiders will win the super bowl...Polar_Bear120
11/04/16how did that sac/orl stay under? om...onlybeststuff7
10/29/16Hillary for prison picksmandy127
10/29/16AIR FORCE vs FRESNO STATE ...mikeru3107
10/29/16WHICH WAGER IS MORE LIKELY...mikeru314
10/27/16Wth is going on with site on phone14
10/24/16How can anyone deny the NFL is rigg...55
10/24/16Officially worst game I have ever s...GoldFever7317
10/24/16I ran out of Xanex.jrgumpert36
10/24/16NFL 10/232Team_Parlay8
10/24/16Hate bovada... lbj15
10/24/16Who schedules these primetime gamesChoosenone2117
10/23/16SNF Seahawks/CardinalsMetallica246711
10/22/16I have my whole poker bankroll on A...JamesWynsAllDay54
10/22/16TNF Bears/PackersMetallica246732
10/22/16Oregon vs. Cal ***** In Ga...droyder346
10/22/16Cal 2nd Moneyline @ +1403
10/21/16*** BEARS/PACKERS ***badlands8
10/20/16TNF 10/202Team_Parlay2
10/18/16If you think Sam Bradford better th...jamesboron8
10/17/16Packers only -4 vs the Cowboys next...SwishSwish123455
10/13/16TNF 10/132Team_Parlay3
10/09/16NFL 10/92Team_Parlay6
10/06/16NFL TV Ratings In Sharp Decline Sin...Polar_Bear35
10/06/16TNF 102Team_Parlay4
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