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03/25/15I'm not worried about my full g...6
03/22/15San Francisco 49ersLiLMonsta8
03/03/151st Half under systemRamathorn021045
02/03/15por/utah over 94 1h playhello34
02/03/15GS - SAC 6
02/03/15Johnson's NBA Tuesday 2/3CMJohnson117
02/01/15god this is brutal 2Team_Parlay5
01/31/15I'm looking for good cappers 2h nba...vicky9864
01/29/15suns covered2Team_Parlay2
01/29/15Isiah Thomasprimetimeblitz2
01/18/15great game2Team_Parlay1
01/18/15Here comes the Seattle TDNeverMind9
12/10/14Kaepernick is one of the most over ...EazyFBaby54
11/27/14why did the lions just go for it in...2Team_Parlay23
11/27/14Turkey day football2Team_Parlay4
11/27/14Bears/Lions Under 24 2nd Hdjdstruk2
11/26/14UCLA-OK 2h2Team_Parlay2
11/26/14Bochy should start petit game 62Team_Parlay3
11/24/14*** NFL Sunday Ticket *** Best Play...LeagueCapper121
11/22/14NFL Thursday 11/202Team_Parlay4
11/21/14Raiders have a QBbudwiser25
11/21/14You know the Raiders are going to g...2Team_Parlay14
11/16/14SNF 11/162Team_Parlay2
11/16/14NFL Sunday 11/162Team_Parlay7
11/11/14HOW CAN YOU BLAME SOMEONE ...bpickin23
11/01/14All Sports (but mainly NFL)Jackson4180
10/30/14Is Bruce Bochy the biggest moron in...jimmymac2486
10/30/14SF PARADE ON HALLOWEENDaddytrung11
10/30/14The word Bochy makes me cringe !!!!...Gavinnick7
10/30/14IN-GAME: World Series Fina...KktdocT33
10/28/14NFL Monday 10/272Team_Parlay3
10/27/14Djax. Is weapon for tonight vs Dall...nflkicker173
10/26/14NFL Sunday 10/262Team_Parlay5
10/26/14ARE YOU KIDDING MEknicksbrah17
10/24/14Chargers ML & U51 parlay +664TRAIN69119
10/23/14If you could choose only one weapon...JohnnyClay23
10/23/14NFL Thursday 10/232Team_Parlay2
10/22/14IN-GAME: World Series Game 2KktdocT18
10/22/14MUTED TV>>> KNBRBayArea34210
10/22/14IN-GAME: World Series Game 1KktdocT60
10/21/14SF World Series' Experience Versus ...lancer8907434
10/21/14Detroit @ Atlanta @ WembleyiEatBooks4
10/21/14---IN GAME--Houston vs Pit...mikeru3193
10/21/14NFL Monday 10/192Team_Parlay7
10/21/14MNF Texans/SteelersMetallica246733
10/20/14Can't wait to pound the Giants over...EazyFBaby71
10/20/14Peyton is man among goddannylhuynh28
10/20/14Week 7amd229
10/20/14ESPN airing a documentary about San...VegasVandal15
10/20/14How much longer will Payton play in...Cooler99914
10/19/14keep drinking that niners kool-aid....PoeticJustice34
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