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04/18/15#1 in over-underssambuca frank2
04/18/15#1 in over-underssambuca frank1
11/15/14NHL RPI DOGS TrialRealityCheck1138
06/06/14TAMPA BAYsambuca frank1
06/04/14nfl jm systemjv04012
02/22/13BILLIKINsambuca frank1
01/17/13no. col 5 point swingsambuca frank1
01/02/13Boise st. -6 to- 3.5sambuca frank1
12/22/12tulanesambuca frank2
12/22/12tulanesambuca frank2
08/09/12bankingsambuca frank1
05/25/12It's a shamesambuca frank3
03/24/12So if you had a system that really ...Crashdavis56513
03/11/12systems can winsambuca frank3
03/10/12i luv itsambuca frank1
08/04/11Making your own linescjlipe2
08/04/11has any one ever tried2
04/03/11Indepth analysis of how chasing CAN...Leprechaun13
04/02/11CAN YOU IMAGINE?sambuca frank1
09/03/10Potentially Interesting Southern Mi...andarmac9914
08/31/10HURRICANE EARLjthollywood2
04/09/10MLB PAST LINES AND SCORESpayday00015
03/30/10Some More MLB Betting SystemsMontanaMax27
12/03/09NFL 09' strategic wagering...sports_Network641
11/21/09Southern Illinois at UNLV ...Covers3
10/31/09Power Rankings compared to Vegas li...TwistedMath12
09/09/09DOUBLE DIGIT DOGSsambuca frank2
08/30/09covers changing baseball oddssambuca frank2
08/22/09do chasers work for sportsbooks?sambuca frank12
08/20/09would you leave hardin in?sambuca frank3
08/15/09Totals Chase Systemprof8t270
08/04/09Bet the Best!sambuca frank74
08/02/09Critique my Method (NFL)sdiinc160
07/13/09Zambrano at home tommorow night is ...firefighterben22
07/12/09line-offsambuca frank11
07/10/09When Should You Increase Unit Size?kreatture14
07/04/09CREATING A BASEBALL LINEsambuca frank17
06/30/09Tigers at A'sJim_Tressel41
06/23/09Baseball line making for you math w...cd32917
06/20/09cubs sucksambuca frank5
06/20/09tracking line movementssambuca frank3
06/19/09Spybook Strategy...tracking for stu...JimmyJet97
06/11/09....Little Dawgs & BIG...gasman339
06/08/092 game home chase systemjv04046
06/05/09following the top chaserssambuca frank2
05/21/09My System Plays-Week 3kevnbs5
05/18/09Best Rivalry In Sports??Kev343447
04/22/09My System Plays - Day 14kevnbs2
04/22/09WAGERING QUESTIONdannysparacino5
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