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09/26/16NFL Week 3................theclaw18
10/21/14Tuesday picks1BadBatch_1
12/24/13WEEK 16 THE BARBER 14-4 la...NFL-197578
12/10/13**********GO TO BED PICK I...CarolinaPride55
11/13/137-1(last 8) Today Should Be The Big...AlphaandOmega51
11/07/13"Fade the Hilton" WEEK 9LeRinkRat78
10/30/13Why did I get movedHoldenRg30
10/28/13Why i'm not touching this gameAceRothstein276
10/20/13Week 7 teasers 3-5 -3.20 Y...Lippsman8
09/16/13Dont Bet against Troy Polamalu!1BadBatch_7
09/16/139-2 ---MNFnuggins7
09/06/13NFL Week 1/ Smash the Bookie1BadBatch_1
11/16/12TNF »kn0wn« (8-1 on big plays)kn0wn100
11/13/12MNF / Where ANYTHING can happen1BadBatch_2
11/12/122ND HALF PLAYS & MORE MOND...Backyardpaina43
11/12/12MNF/ Where ANYTHING can happen!1BadBatch_1
11/11/122ND HALF PLAYS & MORE SATU...Backyardpaina20
10/22/12TTP Under1BadBatch_1
10/21/1212-21-12 2nd half funtime ...Lippsman99
10/07/12The Picks1BadBatch_1
10/06/12Straight Winna's1BadBatch_1
09/25/12Crazy Monday Night...1BadBatch_1
12/25/10808's Hawaii Bowl808RAIDERZ16
11/30/10MNF prop wagersLippsman27
11/29/10SD vs. Indy1BadBatch_3
11/28/10CFB !!!!! Week 13 !!!!oddsbuster148
11/27/102H College1BadBatch_7
11/27/10EVERY FUKING TIMEjflydaddy18
11/27/101ST HALF: only !!!KktdocT11
11/27/10College 2h1BadBatch_8
11/23/10I don't post often...only when I ha...sleepy142
11/23/10Chung Hot Monday Night Den/SD!chungnuoc135
11/22/107-0 documented posts/personal plays...Gilberto64
11/22/10If you dont bet on the Eagles....-SofaKingCool-77
11/21/102h Philly Under 24.51BadBatch_4
11/21/10This is my first post, thought I'd ...NumTumBot24
11/21/10NE vs. Indy1BadBatch_6
11/21/102h Colts?JC8179
11/21/10Week 11 teasers 12-8 +.1 Y...Lippsman14
11/15/10Monday Nighter1BadBatch_1
11/04/10Stay Off The Road Systemscubasquad34
11/03/10I don't post but a few times a year...sleepy135
11/02/10Tuesday CFB1BadBatch_2
11/01/101H Play1BadBatch_5
11/01/10NFL Week 81BadBatch_9
10/31/10Unloading on Nevada 2nd HalfPfotie43
10/27/10L Tech TT over 13.5!! What a joke.dannyswish52
10/26/10Bring Out The Slege!!!! Hamma da Bo...1BadBatch_4
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