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09/19/142 for the Price of 1 in Tampamrusso9
09/08/14Week 1, Take the Pointsmrusso9
09/08/14Monday PlaysJose_Reyes17
09/07/14Sunday PlaysJose_Reyes23
09/07/14All Moneylinesmybestbet15
09/07/14Am I crazy or does ny1 else like OA...FR3SH-like-UgHH17
08/31/14Baylor vs SMU (brief)Doodlebop22
08/31/14baylor/smu TOTAL10
05/27/14Georgia LotteryDSGB_MILKK6
05/24/14Useless info, don't waste your timemrusso2
05/16/14Strong Trendsmrusso4
05/13/14***Macwesties Tues. May 13...Macwestie123
05/13/14Wrong team favoredmrusso5
05/09/14Thursday PlaysJose_Reyes23
04/28/14Hey Guys..... Jeremy Lin Still Suck...Pr0blem87
04/27/14Asking for acceptanceProtoStar624
02/17/14Delaware @ Towson>Harvey2321
02/15/14Pitt Panthersmrusso15
02/15/14ASU+6 & MLLBSmuggler5
02/15/14Anyway Arizona loses to Arizona St?...15
02/15/14Over in Arizona game is doneEagles98746
02/15/14Arizona vs ASU....2 paid touts on A...WookieRookie12
02/14/14Anyone making a total play on the a...todyp789
02/14/14Bill Waltonmrusso8
02/14/14F u c k you Rutgers7
02/12/14TN Volunteers 1H +1James358
02/12/14Upset Alertsjillsm716
02/11/14Tuesday hoops with analysis>Harvey2315
02/11/14What a GREAT spot for Tennessee ton...MattBevilacqua27
02/03/14Super Bowl XLVIII Europa59
01/30/142nd half pridemrusso3
01/29/14Wednesday PlaysJose_Reyes16
01/29/14Massachusetts Minutemen @ St. Bonav...PoRToRoKPuRo37
01/29/14Flys Hump day $$$$$$$$$!!!...flyguybry218
01/29/14Big Upset for Weds.tylerb211510
01/28/14IRISH MYSTIQUEmrusso10
01/28/14Tuesday PlaysJose_Reyes21
01/28/14Tuesday plays>Harvey233
01/28/14duke is given 4, re you kidding me?jbwong28
01/28/14***NCAAB Monday***VegasVandal9
01/27/14Duke and Peyton Manning-mrusso26
01/27/14Duke @ Pitt -3.5Imprezive9752
01/27/14Monday PlaysJose_Reyes28
01/26/14Sunday info with plays and analysis...Harvey238
01/25/14Saturday Card !!!!!!!!!!!!...flyguybry2127
01/20/14***Macwesties Sun. Jan. 19...Macwestie147
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