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03/20/14phixer's nflphixer2840
03/01/14Put a deadbolt on it.. Cause it's a...Layflatcity7
02/04/14Seattle is overrated choiOi33
02/03/14Anyone remember week 8 for Seattle?Karnzy52
02/02/14Rare Post For Me As I Stay Quiet 99...DolceVita1245
02/02/14Superbowl SettleDownSpaz29
02/01/14Anyway to get down 10k w/o flying t...parkerjonesjr30
02/01/14Are the Patriots a better team that...daysbtwin4
01/30/14Is Seattle a making of a Dynasty?choiOi21
01/28/14SB SEA vs IND... WRITE UP ...tedwalsh711
01/27/14What happend to this forum ?15
01/27/14Are there any 49ers ???nguyenaz3
01/25/14Michigan at Michigan STmrquija275
01/23/14****SF or Seahawks????****...seattleseahawks54
01/22/14seatte minus one to denver? im sla...ufa_kefe131
01/21/14Shut Up Bill BelichickJakeLake72010
01/20/14HAVE TO LOVE SHERMAN....ArtSchlichterJr44
01/18/14Which way will the the lines move?billsneedhelp16
01/18/14*** It Was Written ***56
01/18/14*******Come on People Wake...CRS43
01/13/14Did everyone forget who the Niners ...allbrainz198415
01/11/14*** New Orleans Saints @ Seattle Se...LeagueCapper130
01/11/14It's hard to bet against your favor...duong0274313
01/06/14aub @ fsu with writeupCOC_Lover25
01/05/14It is brutally cold in Philly and o...scalabrine100
01/04/14The North Dakota State Bison - Pt I...Ducks_Homer35
01/04/14How did Houston get in a bowl game?MurkCity3
01/04/14#Missouri #Ohio St old_fashioned5
01/03/14Which offense tonight scores the mo...Frank the Bank20
01/03/14OK +17 betting my daughter and my d...jbwong23
01/03/14ok kids about 2 nites gamefruit2023
01/03/14Alabama unmotivatedUnderdogsGalore10
01/02/14If you were a betting man....16
01/02/14Yellow mouse you believe in msu yet...mrquija2721
01/02/14Bowl Money124
01/01/14So whats the story with UCF and Bay...15
01/01/14How was that not a fumble????????TigerTy25
01/01/14I just shyt my pants with Iowa!!!Thesicilian0ne9
01/01/14Wtf just happen in the Iowa/lsu gam...lunatics_7049
12/30/13all aboard the under train!icegun985
12/29/13Chiefs to play NO STARTERS against ...EarlyRetirement25
12/29/13Will Lion Detroit be in Playoff if ...911Covers16
12/26/13Win or Lose BGSU is a Bad Bet Tonig...sean211484
12/26/13Boise State vs Oregon State165yds78
12/24/13Boise QB14
12/23/13Why is nobody on this pick.........Mancity29
12/23/13LET'S GO BUFFALO!bulubulu17
12/20/13New Hampshire vs N.Dakota Over 49 1...bkcfunk12
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