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01/06/16Ben vs AJ, Hoyer vs Smith, Arod vs ...mrquija275
01/02/163 VERY strong "BEST BETS"!...lajohn65
12/30/15Players suspended for bowl gamesZoot49
12/30/15I hope you guys are not betting rea...the1toturn28
12/27/15Damn Pittsburgh. Damn them straight...Cappernicking15
12/26/15Tuberville in on a fix?13
12/25/15Bowl MoneyWahooS90
12/24/15Tis the season to get curb stompedabizzo2421
12/14/15CFB Playoffs, NC and Heisman...Tappy35
12/12/15The Playoff Lines Are StupidRelax_Dude30
12/05/15***** Derrick Henry APPREC...hustle_man26
11/28/15Michigan St line dropped********* a...HaynXfactor16
11/26/15Everyone and their dog on Detroit.....Mancity26
11/26/15Philadelphia Eagles @ Detroit Lions...EastsideBangers11
11/22/15*** 61 % picker ***WussieMan34
11/22/15Does Vegas just want 50/50 money on...6
11/21/15STAY AWAY FROM MICHIGAN S...DoubleUp4Life26
11/21/15Michigan State Money Line?SteelHeart3410
11/20/15suuma's TNF: Public Perception vs. ...suuma76
11/20/15THURSDAY = HUGE INVESTMENT...DoubleUp4Life25
11/19/15Same ol Lionsmrquija279
11/17/15HOU/CIN remind anyone of DET/GBramboo32
11/16/15packers game is very fishy..PoeticJustice16
11/16/15green bay vs detriot . REALLY???themouse22
11/16/15Refs just took 2 point away from AZ...ClubDirt16
11/15/15That is a safetymrquija272
11/15/15It amazes me how anyone would bet d...mrquija2720
11/15/15Detroit and why.Doodlebop13
11/15/15GB line?lajohn14
11/15/15Green Bay All Day gamblerdevil9119
11/15/15Detroit LionsIbchris813
11/14/15If you think Rex Ryan is leaving Me...scalabrine81
11/12/15Bills @ Jets InfoTheBull1128
11/11/15Michigan WEather totalDoodlebop5
11/07/15Had SMU +19.5 and +20 in 2...bpcuno3
11/06/15Anybody, why isn't the line lar...11
11/05/15Kent LIne Movement Winzs3
11/05/15B O W L I N G G R E E N -2...BigKrit6
11/01/15there's a guy on the board who love...gcwrestling0834
11/01/15Does anyone else get as pissed at b...iloseagain6
11/01/15Lots of Detroit love...mrquija2718
11/01/15thebLIONS are pathetic !!!5
10/30/15NFL Play of the Day for Jan 14-Want...WillBetAnything64
10/10/15michigan bcs title +4000totallypsycho26
10/08/15PHaNToM TNFPHaNToM_CaPPeR8
10/08/15HOW MANY OF YOU ARE GONNA ...bpickin20
10/08/15Seattle straight up19
09/14/15PHaNToM NFL OPeNiNG WeeKeN...PHaNToM_CaPPeR28
09/13/15NCAA WEEK 2 **** Go ahead and set y...TRAIN6998
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