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10/12/14Lebron James is 1000x better than M...BostonCelticFTW811
10/11/14Texas at Oklahoma (10/11/2014)Covers44
10/10/14Told my mom and dad to fvck offSportsFan969848
10/10/14Was down to 10K at my low point on ...jrgumpert100
10/09/14ESPN 30 for 30 Playing for the mob....joepa51023
10/09/14Once again top teams go down (Week ...m0rtgageguy17
10/09/14*** Freak Pics *** (Week 6)jimmydafreak412
10/08/14The ISIS Manifesto – the Plan to Ki...zelo12313
10/07/14Driving While BlackClubDirt23
10/06/14Cincinnati at New England ...Covers93
10/06/14Biggest play of my season thus far:MonstarsInYoGrill24
10/06/14Hey Pats backers, have u actually w...ghpdiego16
10/06/14Does anyone else feel like cincy ca...Zman5517
10/06/14How much money will I need to retir...daysbtwin36
10/06/14Cincy will come back and win58
10/05/14Let me start the thread...bellagioplaya73
10/05/14NEW ENGLAND/CINCY FIRST HA...lil_b_swag23
10/05/14DON'T OVER THINK IT!! Car-man6
10/05/14Wtf bengals!!!!Atorr74611
10/05/14i have the pats butkevinkim6
10/05/14 Smart Money Plays: All Early games...wwtpglobal13
10/05/14Baylor at Texas (10/04/2014)Covers29
10/05/14Nebraska at Michigan State...Covers21
10/05/14OH HOW THE MIGHTY HAVE FAL...Raider637
10/05/14Panhandler Etiquettebizkilla53
10/05/14Duped by USC offensedavemsh8
10/04/14TCU will beat OklahomaStr8CashHomey48
10/04/14LSU - Showing their you know whatcombato2
10/04/14just how good is Miss Stateboomersooner189
10/04/14Notre Dame is my best play this yea...gotime9
10/04/14How is FSU ranked #1???19
10/04/14ALABAMA REALLY BIG!!!TertdownCatfish26
10/04/14Stanford offensesmac3816
10/04/14OU vs TCU + RefsZman5515
10/04/14baylor will bury us allcalimike0212
10/04/14Reason Nebraska/Mich State total dr...MagicBoy7
10/04/14Wow go refsmightiestmojo2
10/04/14Texas A&M at Mississippi S...Covers33
10/04/14Stanford Cardinal @ Notre Dame Figh...PoRToRoKPuRo10
10/04/14Oklahoma at Texas Christia...Covers41
10/02/14Cornholers @ Sparty ... let's talkSuper_Chicken30
10/02/14Miss St Offensive Center Suspension...10
10/02/14How come cocaine can't be grown in ...strippersnbens11
10/01/14Two School shootings on the same da...SwishSwish12343
10/01/14Who's The Best Actor Going?Sparky1019166
10/01/14What are the standards to be select...adriatomy26
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