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10/07/13stocks that are under $5 ????????bigbill36561
09/21/13How and WHY? Would VEGAS s...ActionMagnet92
09/19/13Any ideas for good xmas gifts for g...BeatThaBooks41627
09/06/13Guys, give me some guesses on the h...I_Need_A_Detox131
08/13/13Don't underestimate "the poke" on f...ironlionzion72255
06/26/13how is the economy?mainmanmainman228
06/24/13ETF's to short the marketPatrickBateman20
06/22/13The Sports Betting System........hitmangotjinx1044
05/18/13Hey Guys...Tim Tebow Still SucksSparky101912864
04/13/13Josh Hamilton .... I_Need_A_Detox118
03/05/13Party Could Be Over - At a Minimum ...atlasshrugged189
02/08/13Please Zito be the 5th starterEightfoot106
02/05/13A 15 YEAR PATH IN SPORTS G...onebrokebloke174
01/07/13Anyone ever have success with a lon...redsxfn332126
01/01/13~Having a job~standuley30
12/31/12money managementrobertelee17
12/31/12Another shooting...a trap set for f...Amp34
12/29/12Gun Ownerscrushalot2225
12/29/12Black market assault rifles53
12/28/12Roger Ebert Nails the Real ProblemMaineRoad23
12/28/12NRA comments today. Thoughts?searchwarrant34
12/26/12gun owners freak out after...mainmanmainman22
12/26/12How are halftime lines formulated?vegasrebel41718
12/26/12For you Jordan Shoe Collectors/Fanwjeremy973
12/25/12Copycats are on the loose after the...Nhenley6
12/25/12Another thing about gun control-Crashdavis56521
12/25/12Eagles want VickSteelCash9
12/25/12What are You Doing with Your Last N...canovsp30
12/19/12Mental Illnesscrushalot2216
12/18/12Is there a recurring theme to the r...SwishSwish123433
12/18/12The media is blaming movies/video g...StraightShooter29
12/18/12How is what happened in Connecticut...Rostos40
12/17/12WTF is happening to this worldpicc81823
12/16/12whats a happy job for u?mainmanmainman213
12/16/12best smelling cologne/cologne you u...mainmanmainman248
12/15/12screw the mediamainmanmainman22
12/15/12Eric G from Florida here!Baselinebruiser10
12/15/12The 30 for 30 filmsStiln17
12/15/12Candy CigarettesGoggles-Pisano9
12/14/12Your favorite food?heykevin39
12/14/12Seeking advice on how to win.ghermz2230
12/14/12NEW BETTING STRATEGYMadcapper3310
12/14/12I freakin Spurs score 120 point eve...30
12/14/12Spurs over 100.5 2hhtrain3415
12/14/12Spurs 2h -6.5joeythevig57
12/13/12Is it really that bad?Randisist9
12/13/12Do I have to get married?surfertodd9
12/13/12Thursday Night Football 12/13 - Cin...TrebIecyde6
12/13/12Meth Picturescave070719
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