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09/29/14Week 4 winners. 23
09/29/14Week 5 $$$$DUP has More Li...DoubleUp4Life84
09/28/14NCAA WEEK 5 **** TRAINpoca...TRAIN69129
09/27/14Commonly used words or phrases you ...searchwarrant32
09/24/14Please just don't bet anymore i...26
09/22/14Embarrassing LVTruck27
09/22/14Wonderlic Testdaysbtwin14
09/22/14Week 3 winners. 26
09/22/14Surprisingly, I don't miss online s...Bling30
09/21/14Johnson's NFL Predictions 2014CMJohnson136
09/21/14NCAA WEEK 4 *** The TRAIN,...TRAIN69144
09/20/14week 3 NFL Please post your winners...littlevoice16
09/18/14Do you still remember bills/oilers ...Rookieguru11
09/18/14Well I set a record for fastest cov...SST13
09/18/14FLYING DOWN TO VEGAS FOR W...SukMyVickNoRomo195
09/18/14Photos of Adrian Peterson’s 4-Year-...zelo12344
09/18/14Who will be our next president?Coloneljim71
09/17/14Turning $2250 into $100K on opening...matty441204115
09/17/14The cost of attending a pro sportin...Coloneljim33
09/16/14when did gruden grow a virgina?tiasman23
09/15/14Who else lost cash today? My though...getem47412
09/14/14Sweatheart Teaser of the Week MoneyTeam9911
09/14/14Week 3= The Perfect Time to Flat Be...DoubleUp4Life75
09/14/14AP being out is masking all of the ...PapaShango28
09/14/14Week 2 winners. glyde6919
09/14/14Miami vs buffalo goes under . Yes o...Sportingcs73
09/14/14NCAA WEEK 3 **** Stop your...TRAIN69168
09/13/14Surely the Patriots can't go 0-2? SwishSwish123432
09/12/14RIP to all who died on Sept 11 2001strippersnbens11
09/12/14Oak wins this week and next week vs...Hawky6
09/12/14LVH super contest week 2rudy2217
09/11/14I love this teaserbillsneedhelp19
09/10/14Goodell's interview with CBSJohnnyClay10
09/10/14who is your dog to win outright?Raidernator7625
09/10/14Jumpin on this 3 team ML Parlay now...StanThaCaddy21
09/10/14which burger joint do you frequent?mainmanmainman294
09/10/14Bovada SnG's and TournamentsKefu6
09/09/14Can anyone explain the Leftovers ?LRM70430
09/09/14Refs on San DiegoMonstarsInYoGrill14
09/09/14Berman is bad and Dilfer makes it w...hambone8713
09/09/14NFL 2014 SeasonFadeThisXen31
09/09/14If chargers had 1 brain cell in the...Zman558
09/09/14New England at Miami (09/0...Covers31
09/08/14Thank you, thank you, thank youNatty684
09/08/14NFL 2014 WEEK 1 ****Just c...TRAIN6978
09/08/14Ray RiceearthWake36
09/08/1449ers at Dallascowboys494940
09/08/14Week 1 winners. 42
09/08/14New England Patriots vs Miami Dolph...pacers79210
09/07/14WEEK 2 NCAAFDoubleUp4Life62
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