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02/24/15Walking Dead TONIGHTTTTckattar826
02/22/15Taylor Swift a Slave--Tribeca Apart...TheFootball7710
02/20/15Final thoughts......THEMUGG31
02/20/15Harvard -16 anyone?chasingtheline22
02/20/15HALF COURT 3 FOR BACK DOOR...charlieb4318
02/19/15Purdue +5 at Indiana, Feb. 19UglyKidJoe22
02/19/15louisianna tech tn??????uptowngambler7
02/17/15Best game of 2015powerbalance9
02/11/15Interstellar getting incredible buz...scalabrine16
02/04/15Stephen A Smith gets new deal with ...KingRGIII31
02/02/15nfl playoffs thread (continued)phixer280
02/02/15Superbowl Play...LETGOPACK123468
02/02/15WELL I JUST CHECKED OUT OF...SukMyVickNoRomo40
02/01/15Who are the 8 Seahawks that are sup...TRAIN6918
02/01/15MR.BIGGS GIVES YOU A SUPER...biggs3327
01/31/15Super Bowl winner. glyde6939
01/31/15Josh GordonSteelCash26
01/30/15Prop bets.earthWake36
01/28/15Sharps are hammering New England ML...motowner84
01/26/15Sunday 1/25TRAIN6969
01/26/15Patriots vs The Worldtobby40128
01/26/15what is the most you have ever lost...MoneyShot100
01/26/15Biggest gimme I've seen in a wh...10
01/22/15How many are Patriots Haters out th...14
01/22/15Been doing 1 Teaser a night. DaGmen7
01/22/15PACKER INTERCEPTION IN 4TH...jack446934
01/20/1520k in bovada! what to do! 17
01/20/15Texas looks like the biggest sucker...EazyFBaby40
01/19/15**** Championship Sunday****TRAIN6984
01/19/15MR. BIGGS champion sundaybiggs3331
01/19/15CAN ALL MY GREENBAY PACKER...SukMyVickNoRomo26
01/18/15AFC/NFC championship winners. 33
01/16/15New to sports bettingdonjon87879520
01/16/15Have you guys seen that ignorant pa...EazyFBaby35
01/16/15The conspiracy rigtards take anothe...Carpinteria61
01/15/15All I got to say is it's just r...14
01/15/15San Francisco 49ers- Jed YorkBigGame9014
01/14/15Wed. Night Moneyline Parla...lovethedough7
01/14/15Padres To Acquire Matt Kemp16
01/13/15Will we see Jonas Gray this week.Envy12311
01/13/15Got to take +7 next week with a fut...EazyFBaby7
01/12/15QUACK QUACK QUACK QUACK .....DoubleUp4Life15
01/12/15Week 2 playoff winners. 24
01/11/153 Nights at a Casinoisport35
01/10/15Steve Stevens "Absolute blowout win...CheckMate2279
01/08/15***Maryland @ Illinois***import19
01/07/15Tuesday PlaysJose_Reyes17
01/07/15Strong playsearthWake5
01/06/15Monday Jan 5th ****My 1st...TRAIN6949
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