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08/16/14Robin Williams found deadBWS7738
08/16/14Overly talkative and long story tel...searchwarrant27
08/15/14ALERT UPDATE ALERT!!!!!MrManning43
08/15/14Our poor inept government...bowlslit43
08/15/14DIGGERLAND NJpucku2711
08/13/14Could Ben Carson Beat Hillary Clint...zelo12325
08/13/14Stoopid Criminals Volume Onecanovsp2
08/10/14Rory McIlroy not ready for marriagemr_bollox22
08/10/14Kevin the lion whisperer...searchwarrant8
08/09/14National Guard to POSSIBLY deploy i...Randisist95
08/09/14Weird garbage Went Down in St. Loui...jfivefox8
08/09/14Why the f*** would Oakland go for 29
08/08/14 More Bumper Stickers from RandyRandisist9
08/08/14If Hamas just stopped firing rocket...nflcapperletsgo102
08/05/14RNC and Lebron to Cleveland in the ...BWS7731
08/04/14What's wrong with the Bring Home Jo...ClubDirt44
08/03/14We are watching greatnessCMJohnson121
08/02/143 Reasons why Soccer will never be ...SportsFan9698131
08/01/14Illegals get Driver's Licensesmiami20068
07/31/14When You Go Through Those Slumps...RandyC7267
07/29/14I'll ride any ride at any amusement...scalabrine30
07/28/1414 struck by lightning in one day.searchwarrant9
07/28/14Anyone think this is Great???Randisist42
07/26/14Supreme Stupidity...Randisist16
07/25/14Anyone live where Bidet's are commo...DHass2238
07/24/14Fed appeals court panel says govern...SarasotaSlim43
07/23/14Best vanity platesCoin Toss22
07/23/14Pop of the 70'sSportsFan969811
07/23/14Coorporate fu*ks - for goose (and a...38
07/21/14Idiot at MSNBC gets trolled on live...TILTOLOGIC17
07/19/14BREAKING!!! Another Malaysian Airl...Bling66
07/19/14Which is the worse behind-kicking?SportsFan969821
07/18/14Good Idea or Bad Idea?BigChris5152
07/18/14Disparate Impact East StandingsMickSpeed175
07/18/14Ben Stein's Take on Government Poli...canovsp43
07/17/14The Effects of Raising Minimum Wagecanovsp68
07/16/14Tony GwynnClubDirt37
07/15/14RIP Eli Wallach aka TucoMikael997
07/14/14list your favorite comedian that h...bigfatrooster44
07/12/14How Americans Speak Differentlycanovsp36
07/12/14Songs with the word "BAD"Jimmag26
07/12/14A "probing question" that...45
07/11/14Worst President since WWII....TILTOLOGIC104
07/11/14Hillary Clinton, the people's presi...ClubDirt20
07/10/14This is rare around here, but the r...don juan33
07/10/14What does "wie wie" mean?strippersnbens12
07/10/14Sheila Jackson Lee Passed Out Lolli...zelo12319
07/09/14The first thug has been made an exa...JEFFMARKETCAP13
07/09/14What exactly are true characteristi...searchwarrant41
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