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11/13/15So Democrats = Socialists now right...rick311769
11/08/15Political Humor Threadcanovsp159
11/06/15Your Favorite George Carlin BitSlobbasaurus20
11/03/15What will the top 6 be tonight?K1NG_BAMA14
11/02/15What US city has the scariest haunt...strippersnbens12
11/02/15Immigrants Coming to the U.S.canovsp18
10/31/15Donald Trump will win the GOP nomin...don juan41
10/30/15I am surprised about lack of conver...25
10/29/15What's the best seafood place you'v...strippersnbens29
10/23/15No more "Draft Kings" for me!!!Ordell_Robbie12
10/23/15SO you go out bar or night club and...Mrfixers6
10/22/15Democratic debateMoneySRH26
10/22/15Great lines in songs...Jimmag92
10/22/15Illinois Lottery sending IOUs to wi...Killer_B17
10/20/15Donald Trump crashes Democrat debat...zelo12313
10/20/15Biden Expected to Announce Presiden...canovsp6
10/18/15Congress Is Going to Examine Fantas...LeRinkRat32
10/15/15It is time to compromise. I agree ...rick311745
10/08/15Avatar Poll Questioncanovsp14
10/07/15Post All-Star Home SystemCKP22714
10/01/15Trump's Tax Plancanovsp7
09/30/15Why is Denmark the Happiest Country...joe pockets30
09/29/15An structural engineer destroys Tru...scalabrine11
09/28/15many are saying that the GOP, as a ...joe pockets75
09/26/15so i have a system that really work...imtheman2457
09/24/15What NFL Fan Base Do You Dislike th...TheDrizzle7720
09/24/15Fav Band of the 90'sjmw5992
09/23/15Hillary Clinton is a LIARTheGoldenGoose15
09/21/15Interesting Debate Number Two1129ken22
09/20/15Georgia Tech laid a dud for me.... ...JFelty36
09/19/15If your wife is hot put her up as c...pinkpantherbets20
09/19/15Give Fournette the Heisman Nowcanovsp13
09/16/15Call for Bans on Knives in the U.K.canovsp12
09/16/15It is not a matter of black or whit...Hugh_Jorgan27
09/15/15Insurance Betscanovsp2
09/13/15Results of a WIN/Gallup survey into...I_Need_A_Detox30
09/13/15TOP 5 QB's ALL-TIMEQBoption46
08/30/15Espn Gameday PreviewTexanJohn8
08/29/15It's coming: New documentary to air...scalabrine88
08/29/15My wife died from cancerSharkysden53
08/29/15Virginia reporter and cameraman sho...CanadaCup45
08/27/15OK, Gun Control Advocates, How Woul...joe pockets15
08/26/15O'Reilly Absolutely Incinerates Tru...djbrow42
08/25/15Army of God I_Need_A_Detox26
08/21/15If you sleep with your contact lens...scalabrine11
08/19/15Another Activist Lies About Racecanovsp4
08/19/15Purse Snatching of a 72 year Old Wo...canovsp5
08/15/15Why won't Hillary be our next Presi...bettingforfun94
08/12/15Hillary Personal Server did Contain...canovsp18
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