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04/01/14Obamacare Effectcanovsp14
03/31/14What is this "Live Chat"BWS774
03/31/14Liberal Tactics to Honest Debatecanovsp157
03/31/14Koch Bros are "un-American" says Ha...TILTOLOGIC22
03/30/14Obama is weak, but the GOP might be...SportsFan969834
03/30/14Can this be moved to Political Foru...canovsp4
03/29/14AMERICANS ARE STUPIDbandit101075
03/28/14Westboro Cult Leader diesrick311744
03/27/14Enforce The Law Actcanovsp3
03/27/14Malaysian 777 airline disappearance...MaxDemon300
03/27/14In 1980 The Lincoln Tunnel Toll was...AlphaandOmega26
03/26/14Visigoths at the Gate? TILTOLOGIC34
03/26/14The "left" media is FINALLY startin...SportsFan96988
03/26/14Rand Paul at Berkleyrick311738
03/24/14Obama Ranked Fifth Greatest Preside...canovsp29
03/24/14Who else seen the leprachaun say "Y...BWS778
03/24/14When Hillary gets elected President...TheGoldenGoose46
03/22/14Obama might unfriend Putin on Faceb...pat4detroit61
03/21/14Laugh out loudTILTOLOGIC3
03/20/14What network do Americans trust mos...SarasotaSlim15
03/18/14Referees in NC St/Xavier Gamecanovsp1
03/18/14My brother in trouble?43
03/18/14If you aren't familiar with the wor...ClubDirt25
03/17/14Either America is Dumb or they are ...AlphaandOmega21
03/17/14Clash of Multiculturalismcanovsp18
03/16/14Obama approval ratings hits new lo...MaxDemon42
03/15/14Conservatives need to change their ...AlphaandOmega55
03/15/14Koch brothers are evilMikael9929
03/14/14Republicans are Jolly tonight .....SarasotaSlim35
03/12/14Democrat jesus .............SarasotaSlim21
03/12/14Who makes $600,000 in one weekend?ClubDirt17
03/11/14Winning Strategyschreib8
03/11/14Best Supporting Actress is as good ...scalabrine22
03/10/14Breaking >>>>>>SarasotaSlim23
03/09/14Here we go again.. President Obama ...SarasotaSlim137
03/09/14Trump National DoralAJLightning33
03/08/14Harold Ramis Passes Awaycanovsp19
03/07/140 for 50BWS7711
03/07/14Fav Band of the 90'sjmw5984
03/06/14Let me explain how it worksschreib30
03/06/14Russian Perspective rick311718
03/05/14Interesting Take on Lincolncanovsp123
03/04/14Maria Molina of Fox NewsGreyhound22
03/03/14Don't ever get your hair cut by thi...scalabrine15
03/02/14Phrases and words that must really ...SportsFan969843
03/02/14Howdy to my friends in the politica...12
03/02/148th Grader Commits to LSUcanovsp5
03/02/14E-mail Subject LineHutchEmAll13
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