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04/02/16Terrorism Here to Stay49
03/31/16Who Will Have Trump Killed?canovsp9
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03/17/16I have some advice for TrumpSportsFan969815
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02/22/16What are your favorite 'bad' movies...BWS77124
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02/09/16The Super Bowl is behind us. Now wh...austrian5
02/08/16Name Drop - Who is the best athle...JBiddyJ2326
02/04/16Ted CruzTheGoldenGoose24
01/31/16Abe Vigoda Has Diedcanovsp2
01/29/16Cops in Gainesville Have to Call fo...canovsp12
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01/09/16HUGE PLAYprestige3326
01/07/16What is the difference between a Pr...SportsFan969826
01/03/16Death by Firearm Higher in Conserva...DogbiteWilliams44
12/20/15A Police Brutality Memorialcanovsp14
12/12/15Hillary Is An Idiotcanovsp18
12/04/15We Cannot Defeat ISIS by Killing Th...canovsp130
11/29/15Les miles job riskjwyn3o121
11/23/15Paris in gameJEFFMARKETCAP94
11/21/15Of course it's gamblingMTFN5018
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11/17/15GOTTA LAUGH! YOU RIGHTWING...darkhorse1232
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11/13/15So Democrats = Socialists now right...rick311769
11/08/15Political Humor Threadcanovsp158
11/06/15Your Favorite George Carlin BitSlobbasaurus19
11/03/15What will the top 6 be tonight?K1NG_BAMA14
11/02/15What US city has the scariest haunt...strippersnbens12
11/02/15Immigrants Coming to the U.S.canovsp17
10/31/15Donald Trump will win the GOP nomin...don juan41
10/30/15I am surprised about lack of conver...25
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