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05/07/16** Cleveland @ Atlanta Side Action ...Unstoppable Force25
05/06/16Playoffs Thursdayaireent7775
05/04/16Playoffs Wednesdayaireent7776
05/04/16** Portland/GS **Unstoppable Force24
05/04/162H Portland/GSaireent7771
05/04/16Playoffs Tuesdayaireent7775
05/03/16Playoffs Mondayaireent77714
05/02/16Playoffs Sundayaireent7778
05/01/16Playoffs Saturdayaireent7776
04/30/16Game 6 Raps/Pacersaireent77714
04/28/16Playoffs Thursdayaireent77715
04/28/162nd half portland/clippersMikey_Likey4
04/28/16All 3 Favorites WIN tonight… Cover ...Unstoppable Force26
04/28/16****Portland/L.A. Game 5**...6
04/27/16Wednesday money making playsnba-capper5
04/27/16Nba wends playoffstoktok4
04/27/16Tuesday Playoffs Celtics/Hawksaireent77711
04/26/16*** CLIPPERS @ BLAZERS ***placeholder15
04/26/16LAC/Portland 2HUnstoppable Force21
04/26/16WTF happen to this guyaireent7772
04/26/16Late game huge play of the weekaireent7776
04/25/16Playoffs Monday 2 Huge playsaireent7779
04/25/16Curry Injury UpdateUnstoppable Force15
04/25/16### what these biotches want from a...10
04/25/16How concerned with Curry injury?26
04/24/16Wow! Boston now at pick'em aireent7775
04/24/16Playoffs Sundayaireent77715
04/24/16Sunday hot hot
04/24/16Anyone on Hawks?BeenPrepping8
04/23/16Hot pick, Hot picknba-capper13
04/23/16Playoffs Saturdayaireent77715
04/23/16Overthinking, trap, accura...SCC43
04/23/16If Memphis wins game 3aireent7775
04/22/16Playoffs Friday Game 3aireent77711
04/22/16What's withe flagrant calls in Bost...aireent7774
04/22/16OKC -9 $Absolute Blowout Winner$the_hunter15
04/22/16Wow! NBA is getting worst each yearaireent77715
04/21/16NBA ThursdayPolar_Bear5
04/21/16Playoffs Thursday aireent77713
04/21/16Thurs 4/21 NBA Playoffsstrippersnbens4
04/21/16Playoffs Wednesday Game 2aireent77722
04/21/16Memphis is the WORST team everfreaballz220
04/20/16I see no one's on Portland hereaireent7775
04/20/16Playoffs Tuesday Game 2aireent77721
04/20/16Celtics +6.5 60 unitsChocoTaco13
04/19/16NBA 4/19Metallica246710
04/19/16### cant get right ###5
04/19/16Smart Bet 4/19/16SmartBetting0074
04/19/16Playoffs Monday game 2aireent7776
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