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12/30/13ESPN's field goal linePrenticeGT8
12/21/13--Minnesota @ Los Angeles-...mikeru345
12/04/13Mark Jackson sits Harrison Barnes w...TallCotton10
11/29/13Zona 2h whatever the line is9
11/28/135dimes 27 hour payout2
11/27/13IN GAME San Diego @ Southern Illino...ruiner2013178
11/27/13BYU/WICHST GAME, WHAT THE ...FiftyTwoPercent6
11/27/13Cmon Baylor Bears Rally ThreadSergeFT10
11/25/13I'm taking the Skins at halfSergeFT1
11/25/13Electing to Defend=VegasVandal35
11/25/13HERE COMES OVERTIME...WHO ...Frank the Bank9
11/19/13Burkina faso18
11/19/13Thank God for the late Goals...SergeFT1
11/17/13UFC is fixed... unbelievable.. no w...dopeman4
11/04/13COLTS VS HOUSTON IN-GAME tobby401439
11/04/13Wawrinka +105Dylandtennis29
10/14/135 Star***** Cowboys -5.5 a...Thel3g1t0ne37
10/13/13WAKE UP SaintsJackSmack3
10/06/13Wake up New England...SergeFT16
10/05/13Clemson 2Hmoneymaker1018
10/05/13Maryland done!,,,,gearsofwar229
09/29/13Backdoor wide open in Columbus27
09/29/13Dont do it WhiskyMILKMAN09237
09/27/13Wawrinka / Tursunovoli_renaud9124
09/26/13Thursday night NCAAF!BigRon213
09/23/13Phillies/Marlins thoughts?GDayMate66
09/23/13TB STRIKE BACKspoonpower16
09/23/13Com'on I need at least one more runkhangkhang3
09/22/13My first NFL wager of the year isSergeFT5
07/05/13~~FIREWORKS FRIDAY_______P...moneymaker1419
06/02/13PRIZE ISSUESjleea410
05/27/13Memp Can't ScoreMasterNBA2
05/26/13MIAMI INDY GAME 3 IN-GAME LineKiller2868
05/26/13Take the free moneySergeFT1
05/26/13Cleveland at Boston (05/26/2013)Covers2
05/11/13Apparently I'm the only one backing...MONIESGANG10
03/28/13will deshaun thomas score over 20 p...tb23
03/23/13Mich St. 2H???beshv78
03/09/13UCLA 2nd half???Bluejay506
01/20/13PATRIOTS VS RAVENS - - - -...HookEmHorns22221
01/19/13UNC/MD 2H OVER Thank me laterFairfield97312
01/18/13Miami Heat vs. LA LakersAlien-19
01/17/13Mario Chalmers5
12/30/12Atlanta -3.5????8
12/28/12-----5 dimes----SergeFT6
12/27/12SJS VS BOWLING GREEN IN -G...Teaser78771
12/25/12Lakers rally thread come on guys!crunkballbettor54
12/25/12Jodi MeeksPureButta10
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