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03/06/14wish i had me some bitcoinshotdamn8524
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01/29/14Picks from The Laboratory Hit rate ...HoldenRg76
01/28/14WOW Iowa -6 vs Michigan State?EazyFBaby20
01/26/14Tennis(Australian Open)180
01/25/14Bubba! hawks46
01/23/14I'm the only one to think Berdych w...MIKECOUU7814
01/17/14Which Three African-Americans Do Yo...luckbythetruck59
01/16/14Rest in Peace Dadkuddish77
01/16/14Tuesday 1/14...a big oneJFen3154
01/15/14Sharp Playkmcr4018
01/15/14here's max58max5818
01/14/14Phoenix/Scottsdale/Glendale brewpub...Rocafella11
01/14/14Syracuse #2 my ***bomber01049
01/14/14Why doesn't Alaska or hawaii have a...jriv18918
01/13/14Slurp My Taint 1/13HOFCity5
01/12/14It's 2009 all over again.....jmitseff6
01/09/14Im bored. No sports for me to bet ...vanzack738
01/09/14Let's talk ulm vs UTA(leading score...AxelFreed29
01/09/14be honest moneymaker10112
01/06/14*** yeah ***132
01/02/14Funniest thing I've ever seenckattar83
01/02/14crazy stupid parlayLA4Life7
12/31/13MICE DOGBITER BOWL and FRI...WhiteMice56
12/30/13Happy Festivus !dytide11
12/30/13this blunt guybomber010428
12/30/13so Aaron Rodgers was just outed....revengeissweet16
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12/28/13Should I get a job?bigron8432
12/28/13Cincy, nd and why6
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12/27/13Should we be concerned about 5dimes...Cappernicking22
12/26/13Eagles fansRocafella1
12/24/13Slurp My Taint 12/23HOFCity45
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