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10/31/13AS ROMAGreenBlack2527
10/30/13who took cilic?majkldje31
10/30/13HAHAHA!! AARAGU!!! TAKE TH...nowitsover7
10/30/13Parlay thoughts6
10/28/13Need help with Sportsbook ASAPjoelbets17
10/25/13any legit locals out therephillyhit1520255
10/24/13Barbs assorted sports picksBarbarossa12
10/24/13Soccer picks and analysisbailey75113
10/22/13Kasami goal - must watchMoney2theBank4
10/15/13Alex soccer picksalex036
10/10/13Anyone else think the TAMU line is ...sscott9993
10/08/13Weeble's Monday Picksweeble567220
10/05/13heritage sportsballerbooboo7
10/04/13Friday PicksSunsDevils13
10/03/13IN-GAMES PART 2 freestlyin244
10/03/13Swansea over rally!!robocop12310
10/03/13HUMP DAY PART TWOjimc0911262
10/02/13HUMP DAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY 10/2...jimc0911261
10/01/13Monday Futbol 9/3036
09/26/13INGAME PART 2Barbarossa244
09/25/13WEDNESDAY 25/9 IN GAME THR...Maximus1108243
09/20/13if i deposit to 5dimes with money g...leeper7
09/19/13THURSDAY 09/19/13p_66242
09/12/13NYJ v NE ... ThNF ... Week...TheBakerDude9
09/11/13Looking For A Pitching Dueljohnbkearney2
09/06/13Week2 Ncaaf......1st half22
09/03/13i have 6 months to liveLineMover294
08/23/13OK BOYS NEED A BAIL OUT GA...For_The_Books18
08/20/13PART DEUXp_66234
08/20/13TUESDAY 08/20/13p_66237
06/05/13Oakland are a bunch of twatslancerpride157
04/30/13trying to make a living gambling fu...bamnbamn18754
04/30/132H Over 104xxlocalboyxx13
03/24/13Force's Plays Tonight.....Force109
03/07/13sportsbook payout now the bank is c...crunkballbettor20
03/05/13need help from heritagepayne03416
01/23/13FED V TSONGA14
01/23/13So much for the FG Under in this OK...Money2theBank2
01/23/13nba tuesday(revenge is a must)31
01/22/1310-2 yesterday: LJ's Tuesday CardLawsonJames8
01/22/13TUESDAY 01/22/13p_66238
01/20/13PART IKI (2)elsewhere232
01/17/13Mia @ GSProfessional136
01/16/13Xavier + 25
01/15/13Betting on College Hoops is Bottom ...DoubleUp4Life39
01/12/13FRIDAY IN GAME THREADDiamondJack470
01/11/13Friday Night NBA...phat0326
01/11/13Someone please explain...AStefani6
01/10/13Barcelona Over OR Under?Gilmar4064
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