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11/20/1611-20-16 Hockey thread, picks,info ...Lippsman13
11/20/16Those who called the Dallas letdown...bomber01047
11/20/1611-20-16 Talking PucksLippsman8
11/20/16Week 11 Teasers (4-6 -2.5)...Lippsman3
11/20/16Lipps let me guess GASportsDoc4
11/20/16Question for yallallblacktuxedo2
11/19/1611-19-16 Hockey thread, picks,info ...Lippsman25
11/19/1611-19-17 puck picksLippsman8
11/19/1611-19-17 Talking PucksLippsman18
11/19/16Does line movement matter in hockey...Drewish10
11/19/16habs ten straight wins against toro...jonoutlaw3
11/18/1611-18-16 Hockey thread, picks,info ...Lippsman15
11/18/1611-18-17 Talking pucksLippsman10
11/17/1611-17-16 Hockey thread, picks,info ...Lippsman19
11/17/1611-17-16 puck picksLippsman4
11/17/16THE BIG LINE MOVEjonoutlaw5
11/17/16Oh GA I have just some horrible new...Lippsman7
11/17/16kings winjonoutlaw2
11/17/1611-17-16 Talking PucksLippsman8
11/17/16Roughed up by some d-bag officers l...kennykid3
11/16/1611-16-16 Hockey thread, picks,info ...Lippsman17
11/16/16Weeble's Wednesday Picksweeble56729
11/15/1611-15-16 Hockey thread, picks,info ...Lippsman23
11/15/1611-15-16 Talking pucksLippsman22
11/15/16Holy crap watch the goaltenders ton...Lippsman2
11/15/16Any thoughts on Windows 10?tinfoils33
11/13/1611-13-16 Hockey thread, picks,info ...Lippsman25
11/13/16Minnesota Wild vs. Ottawa SenatorsKingScorpio15
11/13/1611-13-16 puck picksLippsman6
11/13/16Week 10 2nd half funtime !!!!!Lippsman26
11/13/1611-13-16 Talking pucksLippsman11
11/13/16Week 10 Teasers (4-5 -1.2)...Lippsman2
11/13/1611-12-16 Hockey thread, picks,info ...Lippsman23
11/12/1611-12-16 puck picksLippsman3
11/12/1611-12-16 Talking pucksLippsman7
11/12/16Cam talbot9
11/11/1611-11-16 Hockey thread, picks,info ...Lippsman25
11/11/1611-11-16 puck picksLippsman2
11/11/1611-11-16 Talking PucksLippsman6
11/11/16NHL 11/10Metallica246723
11/10/1611-10-16 Hockey thread, picks,info ...Lippsman22
11/10/1611-10-16 puck picksLippsman8
11/10/16San Jose and Columbusnewmarket2
11/10/1611-10-16 talking pucksLippsman7
11/10/1611-9-16 plus money puck picksLippsman8
11/09/1611-9-16 Hockey thread, picks,info a...Lippsman19
11/09/16Weeble's Wednesday Picksweeble567210
11/09/1611-8-16 Hockey thread, picks,info a...Lippsman34
11/08/1611-8-16 puck picks (GA, you are not...Lippsman14
11/08/16BRUINS VS HABS HARD LEAN H...For_The_Books10
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