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09/27/16NEVER, EVER ssen this BEFO...LeRinkRat19
09/26/16Saints, how'd you run into your own...TGODBLAINE9
09/26/16Hot TV Moms or Even Ones You'd DoSlobbasaurus14
09/26/16it seems boteams no defense tonitejamesboron3
09/26/16Saints/Falcons vs. Trump/Clintonmilky242
09/26/16Penguins goaltender Matt Murray out...LeRinkRat4
09/26/16The King is dead......The Hawk13
09/26/16"Some hearts are beating pretty fur...Manila_Playa8717
09/26/16"the cheese gets binding" Sweden vs...LeRinkRat15
09/26/16NFL Week 3gators1408
09/25/16All I know is my first 3 weeks of b...buffer12
09/25/16I've got winning ticket Mancity9
09/25/16NEVADA @ PURDUE: I'll be D...scalabrine223
09/25/16second half thoughts?SiuLungBao2
09/25/16First Arizona then Pittsburghbomber010411
09/25/16Drty's Daily MashupsDrtySanchez11
09/25/16TOUR adjusted "to win" odds final r...LeRinkRat5
09/25/16Weastgate Super Contest WK # 3RLeith358
09/25/16HOW do you find recently accessed t...LeRinkRat6
09/25/16Tour Championship picksalangrrbs10
09/25/16Cal +3.5Ih8coldweather7
09/25/16FADE "the site which may NOT be nam...LeRinkRat10
09/25/16Cal +4 2nd half 5
09/25/16William Hill PlayersJDK639020
09/24/16Steelers vs Vikings prediction.7
09/24/16 ************Canada vs Rus...fab1424
09/24/16saturday and sunday WCHALLHABS8
09/24/16what is the best era for music?totoyturok64
09/24/16Florida state vs South Florida11
09/24/16Florida ST USA over 623
09/23/16TOUR adjusted "to win" odds after 2...LeRinkRat2
09/23/16a "Schmoo screw you" for TCU ???LeRinkRat2
09/23/16Love For the Devils!!12
09/23/16thoughts on these picks for 9/22/16...Mano314
09/23/16Central Michigan vs Virginia2
09/23/16THIS is HILARIOUS!!!LeRinkRat2
09/23/16If you bet Clemson 2H -7, stop gamb...droyder10
09/23/16stupid, lazy ClemsonLeRinkRat10
09/22/16Thursday World Cup odds and <<< In ...LeRinkRat29
09/22/16Which favorite is more likely to lo...jdr0167
09/22/16Thursday WCH2
09/22/16Bears -3 Monday night large then Te...VegasVandal25
09/22/16Classic Let Down Spot?MrFace14
09/21/16Wednesday World Cup odds and <<< In...LeRinkRat57
09/21/16Where can I find my most recent thr...TRAIN697
09/21/16Price OUT/Crawfish IN for team Cana...GASportsDoc3
09/21/16WHY Covers WHY ???LeRinkRat5
09/21/16Is it possible to move to Vegas and...28
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