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07/11/14Texas manager should be firedSportsMedic24
07/10/14Harper lucky8083
07/10/14Balt Chin ouch!brianx2
07/10/14THIS IS MLB?5
07/03/14Scherzer is way overrated29
06/30/14Who can beat the Bluejays?searchwarrant47
06/27/14Mike TroutLexingtonTim20
06/24/14The Giants can't hit a call up lose...The-Genius71
06/23/14The A's8
06/22/14Goldschmidt kills another Dbacks ra...pied_piper5
06/22/14Nathan for the save$$$$$44
06/21/14Hey guys when are the Indians going...packers199258
06/21/14To the Detroit Tigers. F#ck Y0u and...bennyontop33
06/19/14All Under tonight?hustlerindo2
06/18/14Kyle Gibson no hitting the Red SoxEPresley17
06/18/14NEED THIS WIN OR IM DONE -...73
06/17/14Matt Cain6
06/17/ is the Lord going to screw...baseballjunkie59
06/17/14Why all the Royals love??TopHog5
06/17/14Its time to accept the truth about ...packers199215
06/16/14So sadHoops14875
06/16/14Voice ur Hate for San Fran TweetyBirdy37
06/13/14Why Is LAA only -115?newyorkgtown7
06/13/14MarLo biggest baseball bomb of the ...MarloStanfield111
06/12/14Man, why do i keep betting the Gian...baseballjunkie57
06/12/14Gonzales wake up5
06/12/14Phillies Coach Is A MORONnewyorkgtown4
06/12/14Angels stink5
06/11/14please tell me what you thinksunnny26
06/11/14Who likes cole hammels tonightjimmynmail15
06/11/14Baseball is a funny sportDipset10127
06/09/14Im so sick of MLB.. nikki_santoro30
06/09/14Tampa -200 Monday (vs Seattle)SportsFan969822
06/09/14Balfour is a POS!!Ganjaa9
06/09/14Blue Jays should be ashamed43
06/08/14KING FELIX ?18
06/08/14Baseball is the worst sport to bet ...Hoops148718
06/07/14rangers over is dead.. i cant win. ...thinguy042430
06/07/14Are the Blue Jays this bad??The-Genius29
06/07/14Gibbons MarloStanfield15
06/07/14anybody on st louis and over 9.5 diondimucci18
06/07/14Spoke to a senior NFL executive tod...mr_bollox27
06/06/14want to take bite jays big...8
06/06/14Mike Scoscianewyorkgtown16
06/05/14Official LMFAO @ Andrew Romine Thre...newyorkgtown7
06/04/14this game is a joke... so boringjewbangold116
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