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06/12/15My pick for tomorrow11
06/11/15need a winner todayBri599
06/11/15Unload on Stros tomorrow?Natty687
06/10/15MR.BIGGS TUESDAY PICK 88-8...biggs334
06/10/15Why are Tigers such heavy favs?FYL70611
06/08/15****Crazy Stat Cole Hamels is 14-0 ...34
06/08/15Dont know how you cannot pick the P...Digitalkarma23
06/08/15Pirates line movement3
06/08/15MR.BIGGS MONDAY PICK 87-80biggs336
06/07/15DODGERS TEAM TOTAL O3.5???...FREDO10178
06/07/15CUBS LOOKIN LIKE A BIG TRA...Blackjay23
06/05/15I need you Brewers !25
06/05/15I need a lockFYL70626
06/04/15All the money on OaklandFYL70625
06/04/15Take Harvey?FYL70616
06/03/15kluber 10
06/03/15Nick MartinezFYL70613
06/03/15Anyone like Brewers?FYL70618
06/03/15whats the youngest i can date?ckattar828
06/02/15grienke wtf broPoeticJustice5
06/02/15Jordan zimmermanFYL70622
06/02/15This forum is a JokeBookBreaker1140
06/02/15Good idea to change picks?FYL7068
06/02/15wtf nicasio?5
06/02/15MLB attendanceFYL7064
06/02/15Over shot to piecesFYL7066
05/28/ to Seamartythomas5
05/27/15Is phillies manager retarded??CHANGCHANG14
05/17/15Wow the bookies messed upporcelainfist11
05/17/15why do people see value in heavy fa...indiansrock11
05/17/15Did everyone get burned by the doye...lucky8083
05/15/15BumgardneR too easy?FYL70611
05/15/15Absolutely brutal day. Need a lock.FYL70639
05/13/15Strasburg fck u..overrated PoeticJustice7
05/11/15Mets Cubs total of 9????MoneyTeam9922
05/11/15tigers are trashlucky8089
05/10/15Gotta be the Royals ...MOCKY4442
05/05/15fade the brewers this yearhillardoh130
04/22/15Matt Kemp is dallasm10
04/21/15need mlb stat infohillardoh15
04/21/15Are these traps? they seem way to e...mattyjay909
04/19/15Garrett Richards 9
04/16/15What is up with Vargas?FYL70615
04/13/15What is up with Giants LOB?liontri16
04/10/15FANS DON'T CAREgbpackman5
04/10/15how much money did nats spend offse...PoeticJustice4
04/09/15On third NOBODY OUT5
04/05/15Is there any doubt in anybody's min...VegasVandal71
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