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01/18/17** ATLANTA--GREENBAY ** Be...Dugan84
01/18/17Anyone who thinks for a secondporcelainfist18
01/14/17Things that would not surprise meGoggles-Pisano1
01/13/17Sorry But I Can't Take NE ml -2600GarySanders21
01/10/17"Remember when" thread..searchwarrant64
01/08/17Line is out (Patriots - 29) vs Hous...ActionMagnet29
01/06/17trip to Miami why it's stupidHoyasaxa6
01/01/17My Donkeys today, the psychology of...Crashdavis56515
12/31/16raiders with Matt McGloinSiuLungBao28
12/27/16Everyone on LionsfadeORdie13
12/26/16Fantasy WR Question. Noone views th...Goggles-Pisano8
12/25/16Why is Pitt Favored?Sabanesque52
12/19/16The Raiders will win the super bowl...Polar_Bear126
12/18/16Niners @ Falcons play with write-upswanbomb24
12/18/16CHICAGO BEARS +7goosebump544
12/18/16Excuse me Sir....GoingFor100K7
12/17/16Jets +3 at home next week after los...VegasVandal24
12/17/16Will NE try their best to play with...jamesboron13
12/16/16Jets and Giants games will be low s...hit-and-run2
12/16/16Mandalay BayWander Bread8
12/15/16Interesting article on Rams tanking...scalabrine33
12/13/16Fishy line for week 15ActionMagnet13
12/12/16Lions in trouble with Stafford inju...13
12/11/16In case it wasn't obvious alreadyporcelainfist15
12/09/16LETS TALK - Chiefs vs Raiders ActionMagnet184
12/07/16Fantasy fball playoffs questiontonesparkz6
12/04/16******Buffalo @ Oakland **...Maverickmax89
12/03/16Survivor week 139
12/02/16Anyone else think MINN wins SU on t...Jrod670
12/01/16Gronk DONE for the yearJamThePot13
12/01/16Survivor pool advice...jw1111
12/01/16Fantasy football questionpocketaces336
11/30/16Where r u spending New Years Eve? HoneyB11
11/27/16There is only ONE Play you need Tom...mikesomoney41
11/27/16Jets 5 - 0 - 1 last 6 vs PatsGoggles-Pisano1
11/27/16What underdog has the best chance t...getem47411
11/24/16Sun? Goggles-Pisano1
11/24/16wanna know why ratings are down? A ...Achilles162936
11/20/16All IN - Titans vs Coltsmarshall7844
11/20/16CMJ NASCAR CHALLENGE...THE...alangrrbs8
11/13/16CMJ NASCAR CHALLENGE WEEK ...alangrrbs7
11/07/16NEW ORLEANS -2.5 AND RISIN...orstewart19
11/06/16CMJ NASCAR CHALLENGE WEEK ...alangrrbs7
10/30/16CMJ NASCAR CHALLENGE WEEK ...alangrrbs7
10/26/16CMJ NASCAR CHALLENGE TALLE...alangrrbs7
10/20/16The Green Bay "side&q...10
10/19/16Ravens @ Jets PK5
10/16/16**Pittsburgh Steelers @ Miami Dolph...14
10/16/16CMJ NASCAR CHALLENGE WEEK ...alangrrbs7
10/13/16CMJ NASCAR CHALLENGE WEEK ...alangrrbs10
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