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02/22/16What are your favorite 'bad' movies...BWS77124
02/15/16FCK U Westbrook!AD932311
02/12/16****The TRAIN69 Super Bowl...TRAIN6982
02/10/16I don't think this gentleman is hap...Hugh_Jorgan9
02/10/16F papa johnsIamthedanger19
02/08/16DENVER MONEYLINE VS CAROLI...LuckyBowl9533
02/08/16Super Bowl 50Polar_Bear16
02/07/16Coldplay First Song?KevinFaulk11
02/07/16*** SuperBowl 50-Carolina Panthers ...vankiep_000733
02/07/16Chuc Mung Nam Moi Monkey!10
02/07/16Super Bowlmarcig7
02/07/16One huge prop betMainlyProps3
02/07/ OVER I like...pipedoctor4
02/07/16NFL owes Denver a SB win10
02/04/16Any Carolina or Denver fans going t...6
01/27/16Sean Penn Guzman interview.19
01/24/16Food you never buy because your par...SportsFan969824
01/22/16Spike lee & Jade Pickett are boycot...joe pockets11
01/17/16Steelers +8 is a Gift!PapaGwop24
01/17/16NO WAY DENVER WINS WITH MA...PatsRoll541
01/17/16Larry FitzgeraldKaname48414
01/17/16Arians doesn't hesitate to go for 4...ClubDirt12
01/15/16Seattle @ Carolina14
01/14/16phixer's nfl week 5phixer544
01/12/16*** Alabama vs Clemson National Cha...vankiep_000746
01/11/16aj mccarron , or however you spell ...pdouble9
01/10/16Saturday WildcardCalBear43
01/09/16Hoyer is a bum33
01/08/16Pittsburgh line is fishy31
01/08/162 units Aaron Rodgers and company t...bpickin30
01/08/16LANE KIFFEN TO TAMPA BAY.....tnhillbilly10
01/05/16my prediction for superbowl who wil...themouse24
01/05/16Monday Night NBAPapaShango18
01/05/16NFL Week 17Wizerguy91
01/04/16this could be the week to play devi...topshow3
01/04/16JUST GOT WORD...VIKINGS +3...BigKrit25
01/04/16Vikings/Packers Week 17 SNFEuropa11
01/04/16Comedians who I do not find funny.....scalabrine77
01/04/16Anybody else feel like Packers tryi...Mr-WinStreak26
01/03/16NFL SundayEX4life8
01/03/16Congrats Bills bettorssuuma31
01/03/16Dal -3.5 2hMellowDonkey6
01/03/16GRUDEN cause's washdonnie332
01/02/163 VERY strong "BEST BETS"!...lajohn68
12/31/15Wanna make some money?Frostbite2214
12/30/15I'll be rooting against GB for firs...LETGOPACK123419
12/28/15Week 16 Pickssuuma63
12/27/15best bet from the best baby 5 star ...dilaudid811
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