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12/08/14Patriots Lose Again Next Sunday: De...HOFCity49
12/07/14SWAMPY SUNDAY WEEK 14SwampThingg11
12/07/14New York Jets vs. Minnesota VikingsAlien-118
12/07/14Top OVER playrudy2217
12/07/14I OWN the NFL week 14 .....Menace0772
12/07/14Jets are too easy today, only idiot...EazyFBaby14
12/07/14NFL SUNDAY57chevy3
12/07/14HOW ARE PEOPLE BAKING THE ...davemeister326
12/07/14Better pick for suicide pool - Rams...8
12/06/14EARLY BIG PLAYmeatwhistle8
12/06/14Tell me WHY the JETS might pull out...11
12/06/14Survivor pick week 14?!?! 9
12/06/14Calling all Cappers!!! Capping Spor...3DTV9
12/06/14Boston College LARGE WriteUpflutie23
12/05/14ICOVER4U.COM Bails out ALL...s2think5
12/05/14Does anyone think NO, DET,...MoneyTeam9914
12/05/14Cowboys at Bears DALLAS WI...Twenty5Straight34
12/05/14Thor's NFL Pics:Thursday NiteThor248
12/05/14-AA- THURSDAY NIGHT | COWB...AlecAdventure27
12/05/14SCAL on dallas and over. 5
12/05/14••••••••••PAPPA'S NFL THUR...pappadoc24
12/05/14List Your Top 3 Horror FilmsSports_Gaming35
12/05/14Is Dallas really gonna blow this ID8JLB814
12/04/14SWAMPO TNF COWBOYS VS DA B...SwampThingg8
12/04/14*** THURSDAY NFL ***badlands11
12/04/14Dallas @ Chi-townMasterMG2
12/04/14Thursday Nite PlayRLeith356
12/04/14NFL Week 14lenonross6
12/04/14DV's Max Play Thursday!!!DV664
12/03/14RIP JEAN BELIVEAUhappycap18
12/03/14Kyle Lowry- Kobe's headscalabrine2
12/02/14*** Miami Dolphins @ New York Jets ...LeagueCapper67
12/02/14Monday Night Football don't overthi...lil_b_swag39
12/02/14No ill will towards anyone but if y...Audball41
12/02/14Monday Nightilovewinners7
12/02/14HUGE CFL PLAY POSTED IN NF...c0vers9151
12/01/14***SWAMP MNF PHISH @ JERKS...SwampThingg5
12/01/14jets money lineDRE-DAY11
12/01/14MNF Hot PickTravinh4
12/01/14JETS AND THE OVER PEOPLE?bpickin23
11/30/14Road to the cup.**********...fab14127
11/30/14NFL SundayPolar_Bear22
11/30/14*****Thanksgiving Plays w/ write up...thenatural7445
11/29/14Can't make a good turkey withou...23
11/28/14just release Griffinbomber010465
11/28/14at least Crapernick has they loudes...cad3
11/28/14Why did I bet the Lions threadZman5559
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