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08/16/13THIRSTY THURSDAY PODcambyspree9953
08/07/13Snake escapes pet store and kills t...Allbutbroke28
07/25/13WACKY WEDNSDAY PICKS 14-5 ...cambyspree99174
07/23/13When you're over Sixty......ApacheM14
07/14/13Hawthorne, Ca Police Kill DogStiln36
07/03/135 reasons the Broncos should sign A...DropStep34
07/02/13Dave Bolland a LeafAllbutbroke13
07/02/13Blackhawks Organization Show of Cla...Allbutbroke13
06/27/13Bergeron hospitalized23
06/27/13Hernandez to fAce murder charge21
06/25/13LOL All I heard for 2 week...MJ234524
06/25/13IDK IF I CAN PASS UP +130 ...beantown2741
06/25/13Is there any doubt Boston is the be...ironlionzion72267
06/24/13Texas at St. Louis--rain delay alre...Terryray46
06/19/13Was a victim of racial hatred for t...searchwarrant45
06/18/13Don Cherry goes off on MalkinLippsman17
05/15/13Tuesday NHL PlayoffsPolar_Bear32
05/14/13probable lines and D-pairs Sens @ P...LeRinkRat2
05/13/13who took toronto?9
05/10/13If Amanda Berry is your sister, do ...SteelCash18
05/09/13 Charles Ramseydytide27
05/08/13Jodi Ariasmwhit8218
04/28/13Teen suspended and arrested for wea...SteelCash73
04/27/13i still can't believe they shut dow...capperator34
04/24/13Terror plot foiled in Canada...SwishSwish123415
04/23/13Was the Dzhokhar Tsarnaev framed? Randisist33
04/18/13Insurers can’t charge more for smok...Randisist64
04/12/13no more pain meds day 3BetThePet56
03/21/13Amendola to the PatsCMJohnson111
03/18/13Nurse who let a woman die rather th...SportsFan969874
03/15/13Wes WelkerDirtySoap18
03/14/13When does the free agent signings s...LRM7047
02/28/13Kate Upton = overrated StraightShooter79
02/09/13"GUN CONTROL" makes the problem muc...SportsFan9698160
02/04/13Ravens / 49ers - schedule streng...terp4life33
01/27/13Anna Burns Welker -- the moral comp...BoneDoc3255
01/23/13Randy Moss + 5000 to win SB MVPFSerpico10
01/13/13SAN FRAN gona shut down GBgridironguy29
01/06/13Canada vs USAbarrett8931
01/05/13Ray the murderer Lewis to retireSteelmoore60
12/31/12Another shooting...a trap set for f...Amp34
12/29/12Black market assault rifles53
12/27/12How stupid is the general public wh...TRAIN69106
12/21/12Morgan Freeman said it best...CMJohnson117
11/28/12((( GREY CUP )))44-dimes40
11/28/12Dispute with FriendBubbaP47
11/26/12Is it a coincidence that Lou Gehrig...ActionMagnet11
11/20/12It is not Campbell's fault...football_00714
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