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Author: [Politics] Topic: PRESIDENT ROMNEY. VP PAUL RYAN
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Posted: 8/15/2012 12:50:27 AM
Is America ready for our impending NEW leadership? Kinda of a nice ring to it

Accountability, responsibilty. and most importantly.  RESPECTABILITY restored to this once  GreaT Nation

What and where  will our country look like some 2 or 4 years from now DEFINITELY can't look any worse than than it does currently

Time for some REAL CHANGE and HOPE  Truthfully speaking that is.........

Only some SHORT 83 days away....

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Posted: 8/15/2012 1:26:21 AM
I'm guessing it will look exactly the same as it does right now, regardless of who wins this election. 

It's pretty much cyclical at this point. If Romney wins and he doesn't turn anything around in two years people like Don Juan will be pointing this garbage out in a heart beat. Then all the current Romney supporters will be blaming Obama's policies and saying Romney hasn't had long enough in office, much like a lot of us are doing with what the Bush Admin did(I know I am one of these people, however I don't support Obama.....Ron Paul anyone???) 

Anyways, I hope garbage changes in America even if Romney wins. If he can make some meaningful, positive changes then God Bless him. I hope I am wrong about the Mittster if he wins.....but I am not holding my breathe on that. 
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Posted: 8/15/2012 9:49:22 AM
When do you suppose Mitt will let us in on his secret dramatic plans for the economy?  I thought tit was Paul Ryan's ideas, but apparently it's not, and they haven't yet compared notes.
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Posted: 8/15/2012 10:08:05 AM
 Ron Paul is a champion
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Posted: 8/15/2012 10:22:59 AM

When do you suppose Mitt will let us in on his secret dramatic plans for the economy?

I think you could find this information rather than posting hyperbolic comments on Web sites.

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Posted: 8/15/2012 10:25:22 AM

i'm losing either way, so i'm not really to excited about it

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Posted: 8/15/2012 11:58:46 AM

Well, if you liked the way Bush/Cheney governed & the Bush economic policies, by all means you oughta vote for Romney/Ryan. Unfortunately,  under their leadership that stuff led directly or indirectly to the lowest job growth in history, a financial meltdown of historic proportions & a war that was disastrous for the country in treasure & lives as well as far reaching effects we'll experience for many years.

Obviously, Ryan is a bright guy that brings both positives & negatives to their ticket, but imo the budget/debt stuff in some ways is alot of political smoke & mirrors crap tryin to ride the earlier TP wave, 2010 elections & all the furor over the debt. Sure there needs to be long term restructuring of SS/medicare but that was always going to be the case & isn't it ironic that much of the growing debt was put in motion initially by the Bush admin & their unfunded wars & economic policies. Seems to me to be more of a bs opportunistic ploy to take advantage of the current situation that was created in large part from the same policies that would be put in place with R/R now - econmically & in foreign affairs. And since when did the repubs care much about healthcare anyhow other than lip service? With Romney/Ryan I would fear a greater likelihood of war or military involvement with the Iran/Israel situation & also a slightly greater chance of another financial collapse. And while raising taxes on the wealthy doesn't come close to solving our debt probs, it's only goin back to Clinton rates we're talking about & cutting taxes in a global economy with all the outsourcing sure as hell doesn't ensure any job growth as we saw under the Bush admin.

Have been disappointed in Obama in some ways, but couldn't dream of voting for Romney & will more than likely vote for Obama or not at all cuz I'm not sure with all the $$ & childish gamesmanship in politics now, it warrants any participation in the game the way it's played now.


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Posted: 8/15/2012 12:05:36 PM
QUOTE Originally Posted by captjohn67:

i'm losing either way, so i'm not really to excited about it

crusher, i don't know who's going to win and i really don't care very much (see post #2), it's the battle of two wasteful liberals, just a difference in who receives the wasted money.  in any case, the odds on romney are getting better and better so if you really think romney is the favorite, you're in for a large payday in november. 
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Posted: 8/15/2012 12:40:07 PM

Ktrain (#2), well said.  We're fucked either way.  As I've said, I see no difference in my life whether we've got a democrat or republican in the White House.  They're all whoring person that cater to lobbyists.

All we're doing is wasting time, calling people names and finger pointing.  I actually kind of WANT Romney to win, just to see this amazing "return" to American glory.  We all know by now that Obama is responsible for every negative thing that has ever happened during the history of America, so I guess it'll be good to finally get him out of there.  The way he botched the Vietnam War is just inexcusable.

So, I may actually vote for Mitt.  Let's see what this born-into-wealth, coddled, privileged, soulless tax-hiding, money-eating, company destroying man of mediocre intelligence can do.  I saw on his podium a sign reading something like "plan for the middle class," so, whew, I'm fully reassured that he does care very much for the common people.

Let's get him elected.  Do all you rightwingers promise to smash your nuts with a hammer when, 3 years into Mitt's presidency, the country is broke as ever, no real jobs are created, and we're in the exact same bleak fog as we are now?

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