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Went tuesday with da beech .....which i really hate doing but wtf i married her ......

So i play sloots with my free $45 ......$25 from slot touyrney and $20 free money ......slowly played $10 at a time and wind up winning an Exara $85

GO walking around looking at crap tables and voila only $10 minmum

ANY way in print on the corner felt it says in Bold Home of The 4 hour 18 minute roll .......................HOLY fugggggggggg i say they mustve busted the casino that night .........

Well not so they were poker players and just bet small amounts winning like $25 - $50 ......

SO i break it down to say each pass he held dice for 5 mins

this would = 51.6 passes

NOw your max wager allowed per bet is $3000 not total each place bet come bet etc...

so even they all only were betting say $1000 place bets pass line bets and odds in back

it was 10 poker tourney players tourney was done for that day or sumpthun

so heres how much they could have sunk the Borgata for that day in table games

Each player wins just say pass line bet $1000 and $1000 odds in back

6 - 8 odds pay 6-5  so they win $1200 in back plus $1000 = $2200

5 - 9 pay 3-2 Win $1500 in back Plus $1000 = $2500

4 n 10 pay 2-1   win $2000 in back plus $1000 = $3000 won

now each place bet 4- 10 pay  2-1  $2000 who knows howmany times in 5 mins they hit 4 and 10

5 - 9 pays 3-2 $1500 won

6-8 pay 6-5 $1200 won so now lets say each of 5 numbers availble got hit 5 times each

so if point was 6 ......

4 5 8 9 & 10 won you

total $41,000 on all place bets plus your pas line and odds in back

on the 6 add $2200 more = $43200 on points of 6 - 8

thats $86,400 just when points are 6 -8

OMFG that 2 - 3 years wages in 10 mins time

RED chips gone they be all playing organge and grey chips

so 10 players every 10 mins win $864,000 when points are 6 or 8

4 hours divded by 10 mins = 24 times ok calucaltor only goes to 8 digits so 24 X 864 = $20736 i'm guesing thats $20,736,000 won

not sure if correct with numbers here all estimates in mins per roll using 5 mins per roll

hold got an online calcualtor to do large numbers

yes correct it is $20,736,000 won just when points are 6 or 8

10 players are fugging multi million aires they win $200,736,000

on just the points of 6 n 8 Casino is negative for that day


I do not know how much they won total but had to be couple $1000 each

dumb esss poker players


You wasted a lot of time making that post


That's funny John, hahahaha

I never seen a $10 Table game at The Borgata.  Must have been a Tuesday night or something.  You're lucky to get a seat at a $25 minimum table because it's the best casino in AC.

But then again, I haven't been in 4-5 years or so.  

I remember reading this article in the Star Ledger years back.


[Quote: Originally Posted by Johnzimbo34]You wasted a lot of time making that post[/Quote]
Lol the dude loves craps


amazing slobb it was a woman but they did not divulge what she won?


And that doesn't take into consideration the fact bets were probably pressed substantially during the run. Wow.


1: 3.5 Billion


[Quote: Originally Posted by TheGoldenGoose] And that doesn't take into consideration the fact bets were probably pressed substantially during the run. Wow. [/Quote]

I know G G buddy omg my longest roll eveer when betting right was 40 mins i made 12 passes on a $5 mini bet table way back in 90's in Cesars Casino

I won a total of $1875 all place bets pressed 1 unit i was betting $25 on line with $50 odds in back


I know someone who was there-the girl rolling was not a big bettor-security blocked off table because the other players mad BIG $$$


@ Slobbaurs yes it wasa tuesday night most tables were $10 minmum

which was screwy because the 7's on the hop pay 15-1

BUT fri sat nights mini's are $15 i think maybe still they have $10

Anyway way more action in craps in ac casinos except resorts as i found out same night.

Hoping what i ahve now stashed plus what I win sunday from local

I can take a shot monday all day in AC


yeah rubber neck i guessed it at $1000 wagers pass line and place bets if she averged 5 mins per roll that means she made 52 passes

OMFG if only i was there I'd retire starting with $500 bank

Winning on 4 n 10 2-1 in back $2000 + $1000 pas line estimating 5 each made $15,000 on those 2 numbers won

Now add in place bets all at $1000 each 5 6 8 9 and 10

forgettabouttit in one 5 min roll your making a years salary

ok use point of 4

every other number got hit 5 times

you get poaid 700 - 500 for every 5 n 9

$1400 X 5 = $7000 plus 1 = $14000 u win

$700 to $600 on 6 n 8 ok u need place $1200

WIN $1400 ok same as above $14000 u won

Thats $28000 so far now we add the 10's = $1800 X 5 =
$9000 won

Plus the Pasline and odds in backj of 4 = $3000 more won

= $40,000 WON every 5 mins

52 passes she made = $2080000.00 YOU won

U win more on points of 6 n 8 becuse both 4 n 10 win you more

same as with 5 n 9 points

SO if table was full 9 other players plus her and they bet it up

They broke that casino in the red that night.

 OMG casino owners be like  

giving em all free rooms for the week and food too just hope to recoup couple million they lost


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