New hope for legalized single-game betting in Canada

May 24, 2013 |
By: Jon Campbell
Good news for sports bettors in Canada: New life is breathing into single-game wagering bill C-290, currently awaiting a final vote in the Senate.

It seems recent controversy over misuse in spending from a handful of senators has Conservative members of parliament fed up and pushing the Upper House to quit dragging its feet with legislation.

In an effort to please the government, Sun News is reporting a source told them Government Senate Leader Marjory LeBreton is directing her team to start fast-tracking private members' bills through the Red Chamber (which includes C-290. 

The bill - which would allow sports bettors to bet on one event instead of a minimum of two - was already unanimously passed in the House of Commons. If the Senate voted it down, it would become the first piece of legislation in Canadian history to be quashed in the Senate after being unanimously passed in the elected members' house.

Until recently, the bill seemed doomed. The popular opinion was that the Senate planned on letting C-290 die without a vote during this sitting of the Upper House.

Recent pressure from MP's and Chambers of Commerce have heated up the campaign in favor of bettors. Add the Senate spending scandal and the Senate isn't exactly shed in a strong light right now. 

As a result, LeBreton is trying to "throw a bone" to the government in power by picking up the pace on certain issues. 

C-290 would be a great place to start.

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