The strangest betting stories from Super Bowl XLVII

Feb 5, 2013 |
A number of odd betting-related stories came out during and shortly after this year's Super Bowl. Here's a look from around the web at the ones that stood out to us.

Pinnacle receives DOS attack shortly after kickoff

Online sportsbook Pinnacle Sports was hit with a denial of service attack, which left their site down during the game.

“Pinnacle Sports is experiencing a DOS attack which, unfortunately, is becoming a more prevalent event in all technology based industries,” the book said in a statement. “Our IT Department is working diligently to implement changes which will solve the problem.”
Lights going out led to more action in the third quarter.

Police raid Super Bowl party near Toronto, seize site of Platinum Sports

From the Toronto Sun:

AURORA - The allegedly illegal online gaming company behind a Markham Super Bowl party that was raided Sunday forked over $2 million to botched Mob hit victim Louise Russo, a source says.

Six men with suspected ties to Platinum Sports face charges after hundreds of officers swarmed the packed Le Parc Banquet Hall during the first quarter of the big game.

And at least two of the accused are believed to be Hells Angels.

“We have … restrained the Platinum Sports website, which is an offshore Internet-based website allegedly run by (a) criminal group with ties to organized crime,” RCMP Acting Supt. Keith Finn said at a press conference Monday.

Beyonce cleavage dispute

Jacob Wheatley-Schaller, who Tweets and writes a blog under the handle Vegas Watch (@vegaswatch), took some heat over an email he wrote to his sportsbook about a prop over Beyonce’s cleavage.

Deadspin was among those who took a rip at Schaller after he Tweeted this:

The email that he linked to read this:

Beyonce didn’t show any cleavage when she started out with Love On Top, which Schaller admitted later and said he missed because he was watching the game at a bar.

Schaller, who is a pretty good sports betting follow on Twitter, took the abuse with a laugh.

Lights going out led to more handle in the third quarter

Online book bet365 said they saw an unexpected amount of action in the third quarter due to the delay from the lights going out at the Superdome.

“We also took a lot more action on the third quarter due to the delay (lighting problem),” said Aron Black, trade manager for the book. “The side was good for us as people were getting on Baltimore, but it played over the quarter total, which came in for many bettors.”

Bar in Indiana takes in over $200K in bets

“Indiana State Excise police say a northwestern Indiana bar took in more than $200,000 in bets on the Super Bowl involving about 400 people....” Full story here from Indiana.

'Little old lady' wins big on props at the Peppermill

The Peppermill in Reno was buzzing with excitement and action according to sportsbook director Terry Cox, who happily shared a heart-warming prop betting story.

“There was this little old lady (in her 70s) who stopped in on her way to the actual Super Bowl that had us chuckling,” Cox told Covers. “This sweet old lady dropped thousands on props, and absolutely killed us on the safety bet (which paid 8/1 at the Peppermill). We all had a laugh in the room when the Ravens conceded one late in the game and could picture this little old lady jumping around and going crazy in the Superdome with excitement. We didn’t feel too badly giving some (cash) back to her.”

Bettors overlook Boldin in first TD prop

The Peppermill surprisingly cleaned house when Anquan Boldin hauled in the first TD of the game.

“I couldn’t believe nobody bet it,” Cox exclaimed. “It was one of our surprise takes of the night.”

Did we miss any? Please share any strange stories from the web or your Super Bowl experiences from this year's big game with us.

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