Action steady on all Super Bowl XLVII game lines with an hour to go

Feb 3, 2013 |
We chat with Aron Black of  and online sportsbook BetDSI about the action one hour prior to the kickoff of Super Bowl XLVII.

Baltimore Ravens vs. San Francisco 49ers -4.5, 47.5

Action is steady on all the main gamelines and props are getting bet very heavily, which is normal for the daddy of the prop bet the Super Bowl. I think we can safely say we are seeing record action on the props as a whole
Going to Niners-5, don’t see it, but depends how places go with SU money. It has been a real good Super Bowl betting wise. The way the early money went on Baltimore, with the line and money moving to San Francisco, it's a good margin for the SU money, and any close Niners win wont be a tragedy. A San Francisco win and cover will be bad, as many parlay tickets, teaser/parlay cards and buy sells are coming on the 49ers.
For the single plays, we are 1.5/1 SF to BAL on the spread and pretty much 50/50 for the total. Straight-up money on single plays is coming in almost 2/1 BAL to SF.
MVP betting – both QB’s getting most of the play, Kaepernick is the most popular selection as the fave, but Ray Lewis, Vernon Davis, Torrey Smith and Michael Crabtree are seeing support as well

Commentary courtesy of Aron Black.

As kick draws near a couple of things are evident.  This game is split perfectly down the middle in terms of bets and volume wagered. This is the most balanced Super Bowl in terms of betting over the last several years. The under will be a necessity for the book.  Based on the extraordinary balance, a win with decent margin by either side will be very lucrative for all sportsbooks. As far as prop bets are concerned, the coin toss is seeing heavy action as expected.  One interesting item of note: The prop bet for "color of the gatorade bath given to the winning coach" was taken off the board due to strange betting activity.

Commentary courtesy of BetDSI.

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