Where the action is: Sharps, public like Denver/Philly over

Sep 28, 2013 |
Week 4 of the NFL schedule features a slew of home dogs and some tiny point spreads, which is in contrast to the mammoth spreads we saw in a couple of games last weekend.

We talk to an oddsmaker from BetDSI about the betting patterns, sharp and public money, and where they see the lines ending up come kickoff Sunday.

Indianapolis Colts at Jacksonville Jaguars - Open: +7, Move +8

The Colts are seeing a ton of money in this game against the lowly Jaguars. But, according to an oddsmaker at BetDSI, there's no sharp pressure involved as it's all money coming in from the betting public.

"This game is currently in a "no recovery zone" with a 10-to-1 wager count and a 6-to-1 money wagered advantage for the Colts. Indianapolis teasers are overwhelming this week with so many short spreads. Bettors are leaning to them and New Orleans for spread betting support."

Seattle Seahawks at Houston Texans - Open: +3, Move: +1.5

Texans S Ed Reed recently called this a potential Super Bowl matchup. Fairly brash prediction considering the Texans are one week removed from an humiliating 30-9 defeat courtesy of the defending champion Baltimore Ravens.

"Sharps on both sides of this match up laying the -2 1/2 on Seattle and +3 -105 on Houston. The current bet count is at 3-to-1 with the help of the public betting faction, but the money wagered is currently a dead on even split."

Dallas Cowboys at San Diego Chargers - Open: +2.5, Move: +2

Books opened with this line anywhere from a pick to the Chargers +2.5. The result has been divided action among sharp bettors and the public. "America's Team" is seeing three times the bets, but cash is just about even.

"There is a sharp versus public split on this game with sharps backing the Bolts at the +2.5 value and the public backing Dallas through the current 2 value.  Current bet count is about 3-to-1 in favor of the Cowboys, but money wagered is pretty even right now."

New York Giants at Kansas City Chiefs - Open: -5, Move: -4

Eli Manning and the New York Giants had some friends among sharp bettors at that opening line. The G-Men have gotten off to rocky start as the younger Manning leads the NFL with eight interceptions through his first three games.

"Sharp money is backing Eli and the slumping Giants at the +5 value through the +4.5 position. When the number hit KC -4, sharps started backing that value creating even money wagered and wager count splits and pretty balanced books for us in-house on this tilt."

Philadelphia Eagles at Denver Broncos - Open: 56.5, Move: 57

The NFL's two most potent offenses square off in a late afternoon matchup. Obviously not quite the astronomical total we saw posted in the Cal/Oregon game in NCAA football, but certainly a high total nonetheless. Not high enough to scare off bettors backing the over, however.

"Oddly enough in an NFL game with a College Football-like total, Sharp money is backing the over 56.5 here pushing the staggering total value to its current 57. The public isn't helping matters here and are continuing to push the over creating close to 6-to-1 bet counts and 5-to-1 money wagered counts on this total."

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